Different kinds of garage doors


Garage doors are being made in different sizes, shapes and in various materials. There was a time when only metal was being used for garage doors but now people are also using wood and fibreglass. Because these doors are named garage doors does not mean that they are only being used for garages. People are also using these doors for shops, and warehouses because of the size of the door. A while ago, garage doors were being used to just give a little bit of protection to the garage of the house and building but now they are not just the biggest part of the house but they are also providing the best security. Garage doors are not being made in their functional designs any more. There are many doors available in the market, which can mesmerise a person with their beauty. A good looking garage doors can change the whole look of the outer side of the house.

There are contrasting types of garage doors, which are being open in different ways, but the most common type is rolling doors. These doors are the strongest one in the market and provide the best security to the place. These doors are being used for warehouses and other commercial places, which have valuable items stored. Some of these doors have security and alarm system attached to them, which prevent any kind of forced entry in the premises. As soon as someone touches the lock or the door, it sets the alarm off. These doors are perfect for those places that do not have any other security system. However, those buildingsthat already have a security system, do not necessarily need these doors. Simple doors, which are being made by aluminium, will be enough for those places. The purpose of these aluminium doors is just to cover the oprning.

There are many other kinds of garage doors which open and close in different ways. Such as some doors have tracks and they can slide up and back down on the tracks for closing and opening. These doors do not have any security system attached to them but they are being made with very strong material and breaking these doors is not a simple task. To add some more security, it is a good idea to purchase a very strong lock.

Overhead garage doors were being considered very risky and dangerous, because they were being handled with springs and constant opening and closing of the doors can loosen the spring. Loose springs cannot handle the weight of the door and it can fall down. They can fall on a person’s head and cause a very severe injury or even death so manufacturers have started using cables to handle roller garage doors.  Cablesare stronger than springs and they do not loosen or break easily. There is much less chance of any injury or damage with rolling doors, which have cables attached to them. Some doors are being made with electric openers, which use a remote control system to open and close them. The biggest benefits of these doors are that a person does not need to go out of the car to open the door. These doors come in handy when there is a storm or rain.

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