How to Deal With Carpet Stains That Keep Coming Back

Carpet stains can be quite stubborn, even if you clean them up right away. There are many times when the spot is cleaned up but reappears days later. Soiling is one of the types of carpet stains that cause this to happen; it is when there is residue left behind and the carpet fibers it sticks to become more visible. Oftentimes, the stain is residue from the carpet cleaner, which attracts soil, dirt, and other particles.

Wicking can also cause stains to reappear. It is when whatever was spilled in the first place has soaked through the carpet. Even if the surface stain is cleaned up and removed, remnants of it are still in the backing or the underpad. The carpet can reabsorb the material, especially when it becomes wet again.

Reappearing Carpet Stains Can Be Prevented

To prevent a stain from coming back, you must treat the spill as quickly as possible. This will stop it from soaking deeper into the carpet. Soaking up the moisture with paper towels helps remove the spill and all the moisture left behind. Fans are a good idea as well, and help dry the carpet faster.

In the most extreme cases, you can pull up the entire carpet. The pad and sub-floor can then be allowed to dry out, but this can be a problem if the spill was in the middle. Pulling up the carpet near the wall is a bit more practical than rolling the whole thing up. Drying out the subfloor and under-surface materials can prevent the carpet fibers from reabsorbing anything that is left behind. A professional installer may be needed to re-stretch the carpet and ensure that it is secured properly.

Manage the Problem Directly

If residue is left behind from a spot cleaner, you can deal with soiling by applying lukewarm water to the affected area. Don’t use more than a quarter of a cup, but the actual amount depends on how big an area is stained. The goal is to rinse out the residue, and then dry the fibers out to stop them from wicking. Towels, with something to keep them in place, should be applied to dry it out overnight.

To deal with wicking, follow a similar procedure. Some carpet stains continue to reappear. It is then time to contact a carpet cleaning professional, who can use techniques such as hot water extraction to get the stain out. Many extraction systems are truck mounted, but some professionals use portable units that are not as powerful, but can get the job done.

The important thing to remember with re-occurring carpet stains is to deal with them quickly, or they will become permanent. You don’t have to do the work yourself. You can find professional carpet extraction services and upholstery cleaning from All Pro Chem-Dry, with the advantage of qualified technicians and expertise, not to mention years of experience. Stubborn stains can be removed from carpets; it just sometimes takes more than simple household solutions to get the job done and accomplish what may seem impossible.



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