Backyard Decorating Ideas

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Gardens are places where you hang out when you’re looking for some peace and quiet, where you host gatherings with friends and family ,and where kids go to play. A beautiful garden is an important addition to any home, but sometimes it can end up being a bit neglected.

To help, we’ve come up with some quick and easy ideas to help you decorate your garden, so that it becomes that much-loved area of your home once again.

Build a garden path

Adding a simple walkway through your garden can help to add mystery and intrigue. It helps to update a boring garden into something more exciting, and can be a real-show stopper when done correctly. They’re relatively easy to do yourself, and you can use crushed rock or pebbles to fill it in. It’s a great weekend project and you only need a few things to get going.

Make use of fairy lights

Fairy lights can help to bring a garden alive, with their pretty, twinkling sparkles. Wrap around trees, place in bushes or hang from a patio. Don’t just stop at one set either, buy multiple sets so that you can have them dotted all around your garden. The easiest type to choose are solar lights, as these don’t need any electricity to work, which means no unsightly loose leads.

Update your pots

A quick way to update your garden is to get creative with your plant pots. From painting them to spraying on patterns, to even tying rope around them, this will all help to make them come alive. It’s a great way to create uniformity between them all and is a fun project to get little ones involved. It’s easiest to do this in the winter when you haven’t got any flowers planted, so that you can easily maneuver the pot as needed.

Build a birdbath

Nothing says a garden quite like wildlife, and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing beautiful birds flying in and out your garden. There are tonnes of DIY birdbath ideas out there but keep it simple and easy for the birds to drink from. If building isn’t really your thing, pop out to your local garden centre and buy one. Remember though, it might not be a great idea if you or your neighbours have cats, as it could easily result in your cat catching the birds; alternatively, invest in a cat collar with a bell, to help warn the birds of the incoming predator.

Get creative with pallet boards

Pallet boards are cheap and easy ways to help make a garden more exciting. Give it a lick of paint and leave leaning against a wall. Then use it as a shelf for lots of different plant pots or simply cover it in some bunting. If you really want to get creative, turn it into a DIY outdoor sofa or table. The possibilities are endless!

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