Tips For Selecting The Best Window Replacement Company in Scarborough

If your windows are not in good condition and are beginning to deteriorate, then you must consider selecting a window replacement company right away. Replacing old windows with new ones is one of the major aspects that can change the appearance of your home completely. You need a competent and skilled contractor to undertake the task of window replacement in your home if you want a job well done. Considering the fact that there are a number of window replacement companies out there, it can be a difficult task to decide which company can handle the job efficiently. You can manage to avoid hidden expenses and other minor costs further down the line if you pick the right company for the job. Here are some key tips that will help you make a wise decision:

Do some background research. Before you hire a contractor for window repair in Scarborough, it is imperative to carry out some research in advance, in order to avoid getting into sticky situations in the future. Do not forget to check into the list of companies that are rated highly by customers. Find out whether or not the company you are considering is properly licensed, certified and bonded. You might also want to hire a company that has been operating in your local area for a considerable period of time. This will help you to avoid any unexpected mishaps or major problems.

Weigh your options. Determine what kinds of windows are appropriate for your home. Ask for brochures from your home window replacement service provider or visit their stores to see what options are available. Make sure to check the energy-efficiency of the glass, frame materials and manufacturer’s warranty. This will enable you to figure out what products meet your requirements and that you do not get roped into whatever your service provider asks you to purchase. It is important that the windows they install can be opened and cleaned without any trouble. Therefore, you need to perform a quick check once the installation is complete.

Stick to your budget. Always ask your window replacement company if they offer any guarantees for their products and services. It is crucial to set a budget and stick to it. Be sure to ask them about their costs. Some companies will charge only when the complete installation has been done successfully. A high quality company will always try to reduce your costs and provide the best service possible. But, if you are not well aware of the process, it is better to listen to the service provider, since they are experts in this area and will do the things that are most beneficial for you.

When you are searching for a company that handles window repair in Scarborough, it is important that you get recommendations from people you know, such as your friends and family members. Their views and opinions will give you a good idea about what you can expect from the professional under consideration. Thus, you need to keep all these aspects in mind when looking for a window repair company in your area.


How to choose The Right Window Fashion

Choosing the right window treatment for your window can seem daunting and understandably confusing. You have a lot of choices to make for your window treatment including color, types and textures. The variety of choices makes this a difficult choice. Color and textures, however, are dictated by the decor of the room and your taste. The right window treatment for you goes beyond color. It has to meet the needs of the room’s occupants. Figuring out what type of window treatment you need for your room is a logical two-step process.

Step 1: Analyzing Window Function

Determining window function prior to deciding on the type of treatment will help you figure out what your treatment must achieve in function before considering the type of treatment and style.


The amount of light you need should be considered as you choose your window treatment. Windows let the light in from the outside and most importantly the light comes in from the top of the windows.


If your window opens to a high traffic area then blinds or interior shutters are a great choice since they both have louvers. They are the most functional window treatments for light and privacy. If privacy isn’t an issue, then you have more options.


This is the personal part of your window treatment. Do you like your windows dressed to the nines or just a subtle window fashion makeover. The style of your window also has to reflect the room’s decor in addition to your personal tastes. There are many styles of shades to consider to add style and fashion to any room.

Step Two: Selecting the treatment Type

You’ve got plenty of options for your window, which is one reason it’s so hard to choose. After determining whether you need the window for light, deciding the level of privacy and figuring out what kind of style suits your tastes, it’s time to select from the array of option for your window.


The most acknowledged window treatment in existence, curtains allow for all three functions of a window treatment. It opens for light, closes for privacy and offers unsurpassed style. You can find a curtain made of heavy velvet, cotton or silk. You can find or easily make any color, size or texture curtain. Curtains are often employed with shades, valances, and blinds to enhance function and window fashion.


Valances add style, color and texture to a window treatment. It’s rarely used on its own. You can add this strip of fabric at the top of the window in conjunction with shades, curtains, blinds, shutters or a combination of these treatments.


Blinds let you easily control the amount of privacy and light in a room. Settling on blinds doesn’t mean your window treatment is complete. Choose from vertical, mini or 2-inch blinds. Vertical blinds are usually used in doorways. Mini-blinds are the traditionally thought of as blinds. Typically, blinds are neutral in color and created out of vinyl, composite, wood or bamboo. Vertical blinds consist of faux woods or heavy fabric.


Shades are similar to blinds in the sense that it easily allows for privacy and light without much effort from the shade operator. They typically are created out of fabric other material, hung from the top of the window, pull down to allow for privacy and retract for increased lightened maximum view. There are many types of shades, including roller shades, cellular shades, pleated shades, and roman shades. The different styles add a decorative element and come in a larger variety of colors than their close cousin, blinds.


Shutters provided a unique curb appeal. They have a larger louver than most blinds and provide more light, privacy and a simpler more elegant style to any room.


You can select a combination of the above window treatments to enhance the function–style, privacy and light–from your window. Typically, you will choose either shutters, shades or blinds in a combination as they tend to hang through the same space and perform the same function.

Windows are a major part of one's home

a feature which not only determines the look of the house but also gives it a special identity. Windows are a crucial ingredient that gives your home its special identity.

When one buys or rents a home, a renovation of the house is sometimes called for, and you might need to choose window types from the vast repertoire of available choices.

A number of aspects need to be considered while planning a replacement of old windows or while choosing windows for your new home.

The most important factors to keep in mind while choosing the window types are: ventilation, beauty, safety, energy efficiency, the environment and, of course, the cost.

The most commonly used window types are casement and sliding windows.

Casement windows are attached vertically with hinges to one side on a wall. They usually open with a crank mechanism. A single window or a pair of windows can be fitted into a frame. They open all the way outward, and are wide open from top to bottom and side-to-side.

A sliding window is a window that slides along a track inside the window frame. The frame may consist of many tracks depending on the number of windows on the tracks. They open horizontally and give a hundred percent view of the outside.

Primarily, it may be the environment that affects the choice of windows. A harsh environment calls for windows that are inside the house rather than exposed to the sun, wind, and temperature shifts, whereas a mild environment allows the use of windows that are exposed to the outside.

Ventilation is another important point to be considered while choosing windows. Windows fitted on opposite walls allow for cross ventilation and help keep the rooms cool.

To save on energy, one can choose a double-glazed window (which uses two panels of glass). The layer between the two glasses acts as an insulator to save the heat in the room.

Depending on how much privacy and safety is required in the area where you live, you may opt for fortified or screened windows.

But above all, it’s your budget that will have a final say on how your windows will look.

There are benefits and drawbacks of each kind of window. Let’s look at some of them:

Casement Windows

· Open all the way outward, hence allow maximum light and air

· Energy efficient because they shut tight

· Can be glazed to save energy

· Easy to use as a simple crank mechanism is used. Disabled people can operate them easily

· Cleaning is easy, therefore ideal for installing behind sinks and countertops

· Allows for quick and easy emergency escapes

· Greater aesthetic customization- Lend themselves to a variety of designs, colors, and materials

· Use mechanical parts that need maintenance

· Regular lubrication is required for smooth operation

· Are more damage prone because they are exposed to the outside environment

· Screens are prone to damage as they need to be fitted on the inside.

· Sometimes two windows may come in each other’s way

· More prone to misalignment

Sliding Windows

· Allow for maximum light and air

· Are inside the house hence less weather beaten

· Energy efficient because they shut tight

· Can be glazed to save energy

· Simple sliding. Movement makes them disabled-friendly

· Allows for faster fire escapes. Allows for quick and easy emergency escapes

· Screens can be fitted easily

· Use less mechanical parts like pulleys and springs, hence require less maintenance

· Less prone to misalignment

· Cost effective

· Lend themselves to a variety of colors, designs and materials

· Cleaning their outside surfaces is more of a challenge.

So, whatever your choice, it is possible to create the desired effect with the many window options available in designs, colors, materials, and fittings.

A window is a natural focal point of your home, and your choice of windows sets its tone and style, thus having a significant impact on both you and your guests.

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New Windows? What to look for Whether Selling Or Staying

Don’t wash those windows. Replace them! There are some real benefits to replacing windows in older homes, but like any home improvement project, there is a lot to consider.

We recently replaced all of our windows on our nearly hundred year old home. This story starts with windows that were single pane, drafty, and mostly painted shut. Storm windows had been added to these original windows sometime during the last 30 years, but that made them even harder or impossible to use and clean. Some of the windows also blocked egress in a fire, and that was a real problem for me. The last straw was when we noticed that the interior paint on the window nearest the baby’s crib was peeling worse than a bad sunburn at the shore.

We are not novices. We’ve replaced windows in all three of the vintage homes that we’ve owned. The first time, the choice was driven by function, and a quality vinyl window in our price range was just the ticket. The second time, we installed vinyl windows with our own hands in just a few rooms. But in our current home, we had specific requirements. Because we wanted to maintain the architectural integrity of the home, we were shopping for a certain style and caliber of window, and we knew that vinyl was not going to be the answer.

When you really start to investigate this market, you might be surprised at the range of options. Materials range from all wood with various types of cladding to composite products that may or may not contain wood. Styles vary widely, even within the same window type, and just the options for window grids (also known as grilles or mutton bars) or hardware can be overwhelming. Color options seem endless. And installation processes and providers are a whole different set of discussions. All of these options will vary the range of prices for a single window from $200 to nearly $2, 000.

We chose to interview four top brands that were available in our area. Some of them had been recommendations through friends, and some of them were top names that we wanted to learn more about. We also researched the brands through Consumer Reports’ November 2009 report. We read online comparisons like those by Dave Yoho, which confirmed my suspicion that our payback was not going to be as high as we’d hoped. We visited showrooms and had vendors in to our home.

Even Uncle sam wants you to upgrade your view. Because the energy savings can be pretty good (I hesitate to say significant), you may be eligible for up to $1, 500 in tax credits (this is different than a deduction) if you install qualifying purchases by the end of 2010. In fact, the typical energy savings for a whole-house replacement of windows hovers somewhere around 20% annually. It makes sense to do the math, so, let’s do the math.

Current costs
Heating & cooling costs $2, 400 assumed annually
Cost of maintenance (painting existing window exterior), $2, 000 every 5 years assumed
Costs of new windows
Savings of ~$480 on heating & cooling costs annually
Savings from IRS energy tax credit through 2010, $1500 max
Maintenance free exterior capping, $0
Touch-up painting, not included in typical installations, approximately $500 one time
Average nationwide investment, $12K-$18, 000
Using the numbers above, the payback period for the windows, before they start to pay for themselves in energy and maintenance savings, is somewhere between 19 and 35 years. I had to think about this as i was ripping out 100 year old windows!

The Hanley Wood Remodeling 2009/10 Cost vs. Value report pegs ROI on replacement windows at somewhere around 77%. This is actually a pretty good ROI compared to other home projects, but it is also another way of saying that you would lose about 23% of your investment right away in a resale. This is a project you want to take on if you’ll be in your home a while or if your current windows would actually be an impediment to selling your home.

Like I said, this is not a slam dunk. It’s not as if your energy efficient windows are going to start saving you tons of money right away.

But wait… there’s more! Just this April, 2010, the new US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations kicked in regarding practices designed to minimize the exposure of lead hazards in homes built before 1978. If your home is one of these lucky ones, you can now expect to pay around another $150 per window for the training and standards that your contractor must follow to contain potential lead hazards. These include personal protective clothing for the installers, and extensive plastic tenting for containment of dust and debris, as well as cleaning protocols for your home. This isn’t optional, but mandatory for all contractors, and they face stiff fines if they disregard the new laws.

In the end, we did decide to replace our windows. Because we were doing straight replacements, meaning that we were using the original openings for all of the windows instead of increasing window openings, things were able to go rather quickly. We took the calculated risk of allowing the work to be done while we were away during a week, figuring this would be the easier way to do construction in a home with two small children. Even though we had a pre-install walk through and one full day when we were on-site at the start of construction, we were disappointed to come back to a full list of problems. They included capping that was done contrary to the work order, sloppy caulking, visible gaps in between the windows and the walls, broken hardware, and two casement windows that had been swapped, leaving them both to open in the wrong direction. Needless to say, we were disappointed.

What we did like, though, was the suggestion to include full screens on our double hung windows, allowing us to safely have the top sash open in rooms where children will be playing. The site was clean when we arrived home. The look of the windows is ideal. And our contractor immediately responded to our requests.

Although we’d like to imagine that every home improvement project gets done right, on time, and in budget, that’s not always the case. But the key is to keep the lines of communication open with your contractor, document the problems, specify in writing clear requests for repairs or completions, and most importantly, withhold half or more of the full payment until the work is completed to the terms of the original contract.

I hope to be able to append this post within a month or so with happy news about the final outcome of our window project. For now, we are happy that we can open our windows and enjoy the spring breezes. If you decide to set out to bring the outside in with new windows in your home, I hope that our experience and the resources found here will help you through.

Why Decorative Window Glass Is so Popular

Want to give a room a beautiful look without changing much of it interior? Then how about using decorative window glass? Decorative window glasses are available in many styles, designs and colors.

The best thing about these glasses is that they are extremely easy to install and maintain. They can be installed in any room, including kitchen, bathrooms and lobby to create a sense of privacy as well as ambience. Hotels and restaurants also use them extensively as well as stores and shops.

However, the most extensive use of decorative window glass is in homes. They create partition between two parts of the house without making it too congested and dark. Transparent and translucent glass creates a sense of space, provides ample light, while creating partition. Hence, these are great for kitchens and bathroom.

However, decorative window glasses are not just for cosmetic purposes. Frosted and tinted glass can also keep you healthy. Most people think that while indoors, they don’t have to worry about their skin. But experts tell us that the sunlight coming from our windows and glass doors is enough to harm us. These days, special glass is available that can stop harmful Uv rays from entering your home. This can not only keep you and your family’s skin young, but also reduce the risk of various skin diseases, including skin cancer.

In addition, this type of glass also helps to keep your home cool and clean. It stops the sunlight from entering your home and hence reduces the affect of outer heat. You can save a lot of money on air conditioning during those scorching summer months and also help the environment by reducing your energy consumption. They keep your house clean by ensuring that you get a good view of the outer world, while stopping bugs and dirt from entering your home.

Therefore, if you are want to create a healthy atmosphere in your home without making the space look small and closed, and then choose designer window glass. You can choose the color and design of the glass according to the interior of the house. For example, if you have an earthy and informal feel to a room, you can use frosted colorless color to compliment the room.

Decorative window glasses have become a rage in interior designing. The sheer number of designs and versatility that they provide has made them a favorite of people who want a classy, beautiful home.

How to Replace Window Glass And Where to Position The Packers

Glazing packers are required to position the Double Glazed unit properly into the window frame – when we lift the new Double Glazed unit into position, there will be a small gap all around the unit and to enable it to sit properly within the window frame, you need to pack in between the new Double Glazed unit and the window frame when replacing the window glass. Importantly, the packers raise the unit up so that it will never be sitting in water.

The frame is designed such that the water can ingress into the window frame and there are seep holes in the frame where this water is allowed to escape.

For security reasons – plastic is flexible and if someone tries to break into a property via the window, there are certain precautionary measures that can be taken to ensure the windows are as secure as possible.

The secret also lies in the way the hidden packers are positioned within the window frame. To make the window more secure, you can pack certain areas at the sides or top and bottom of the window glass unit.

On a top hung window the window glass would be sat on a couple of glazing packs to lift the glass unit up and this prevents the window being sat in any water. There would also be packers over the top too to prevent the plastic flexing if anyone was to try to break in by prizing open the window with a crow bar.

On a side hung window, the packers would be positioned on the bottom hinge side corner and the top opposing corner. This process is known as ‘toe and heeling’ and creates a situation like you get on a ledged and braced garden gate. In this situation, the window glass unit is braced by creating a triangular effect thus helping to prevent the side opener from sagging over time.

On completion of the ‘toe and healing’ process on a side hung window, you then need to pack both sides of the window glass unit again to prevent any flex in the frame in case anyone tried to break in by prizing the frame with a crow bar.

It is also good practice on a side hung opener to finally place packs in the remaining corners of the opener to completely secure the frame and make it rigid.

Please Note – as a door hangs in a similar way to a side opening window, you must install the glazing packs in the same way as described above for a side hung opening window.

It is however, always recommended that you use a qualified Window fitter to replace your Double Glazed (DG) panes. Even though a straightforward task, if you do it on your own, you undertake the task at your own risk.

Reason to replace a Window Glass in a Proper Way

Window glass replacement can be done in an effective way. It is very simple and easy process of replacing the window glass. You have to purchase the glass and install it in a proper way. Different types of glasses are available for your window and you have to select the correct one for your window. You can also replace the entire window very easily. Tempered glass, insulated window and laminated glass can be used for windows glass replacement. Tempered glass is made of glass material and it is used for safety purpose in high windy areas. Laminated glasses are specially treated glass and they are resistant to breakage.

Insulated windows have two panes of glass. You should know what kind of glass you want to replace and you can take the help of a glass dealer. The glass has to be replaced correctly and it shouldn’t fall out from the window when a wind is blown. Double paned mirrors will keep you safe and sealed for cold and hot temperature. There are lots of benefits of using quality window. Energy efficient glasses are considered to be a great saving. Discounts are given when you purchase energy efficient windows. By window mirror replacement your utility bills will come down in an effective way. You can save lot of money at the end of the year. Broken windows are dangerous and when the winter season comes the glass will become brittle and cold. If you have kids at home it very dangerous if they play near to the broken glass. Windows are energy efficient and you can save the environment.

You have to buy the replacement mirror and cut it according to the measurement required from a hardware store. Old windows are made of harmful materials. They are made of lead paints and it is not for kid’s health. So the glass replacement can be done and save your health. Now glass are available in different designs and styles. You can choose it according to your home decorating. If you replace the windows it will bring a special effect to your house. When you are repairing your old house you can also replace the windows glass. Inefficient windows will leak and water will come inside your house when it rains. Double paned windows will hold the moisture and cold than the single panned windows. Old sealing would lead to moisture and this is not good for the health of the family. Window mirror has to be replaced at proper time.

Residential Window Glass: Making Sense of Different types of Glass

Things used to be a whole lot simpler a few decades ago. There weren’t too many options available to someone looking for a residential window glass. Commonly, home owners could choose between ‘thin’ and ‘tough’ glass. At the most, they could get them tinted or painted.

Today, glass counterpanes, furniture, tiles and wall of varying durability and transparency are replacing conventional building materials. Architects select different types of glass for windows with different configurations. One used for the window in your house will differ substantially from commercial door. The type of glass you select for your window will affect the comfort, energy consumption, insulation, noise level and security of your home.

Let’s take a look at the common types of residential glass window. Each type has its unique qualities. Understanding each type will make it simpler for you choose the right types for your window.

Patterned Glass

Pattered one is covered with patterns or designs. Usually translucent, this can be color or plain. It is perfect for situations where both natural light and privacy are required. The patterns on it prohibit anyone from looking through the glass, but enough light escapes through the glass to light the room.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is coated with material that reduces the transmission of light, ensuring that your home doesn’t heat up too much during the summers. This will also offers you privacy: you can see through the glass, but people on the other side cannot see you. Tinted glass is commonly used in cars. You can also avail residential glass tinting services and get your existing one tinted.

Low Emissivity Glass

This type of glass is coated with a special material comprising metal oxide compounds. The coating reflects a large percentage of harmful Uv rays, and it absorbs a lot of the heat energy. The effect totally depends on the thickness of the coating, and you can customize the coatings to increase to decrease heat gain. This type is quite durable and is perfect for hot climates.

Double Paned or Insulated Glass

Double paned is two sheets of glass separated by air or special gases. This kind of glass offers unparalleled insulation against cold, wind and noise. For extremely cold climates, triple-pane windows are also available. If your house is located in a noisy neighborhood, or if you live in an extremely cold climate, this is a good option for residential window.

Impact-Resistant Glass

As the name suggests, this type of glass doesn’t break easily. Impact-resistant is made by combining multiple sheets with layers of plastic. Even if it breaks, the internal layers hold the broken fragments together. If you want to minimize your residential glass repair bills, this is your best option. For areas with high risk of hurricanes, this is the ideal type of glass for windows.

Everything You need to know About Window Glasses

While designing your windows, you should give special care and attention to the window glass. With the right kind of window glass, you can give a new and fashionable look to any room in your house. The most important thing about your windows design is that they should add to the beauty of your room and not over power it.

Here are some common mistakes made while choosing window glass for homes:

1. Too dark: The window glass should not be too dark in color because it might make your room look very dark and gloomy. If you want to reduce the excess sunlight, then you should try to use the reflective glass that keeps the sun’s heat and harmful rays out, while allowing the light to go inside the room.

2. Wrong color: The color of the window glass should match the entire room. You can use different combination and mix-match the shades, but the make sure that the color doesn’t clash with or over powers the furniture and upholstery in the room.

3. Bad pattern: When you will go to the window glass store, the salesperson may try to sell you many “unique” and “latest” designs. Always remember that salesperson try to push on the designs which give them the greatest profit. But you should always choose a pattern that suits your house and looks beautiful. Don’t go by the latest trend or what the salesperson says.

4. Fragile built: This is really important, especially if you have small children at home. The glass should be strong enough to take impact and not shatter easily. A fragile window mirrors cannot only be a waste of money, but can also prove to be dangerous for you and your family.

These days, stain glass windows are extremely popular. They not only look good on normal windows, but are also a great accessory for French windows and room partitions. You can install a glass window anywhere you want to create some partition, without making the space look closed and dark. A stain glass window allows some light to go through, while creating a clear partition.

Here are some places where you can use glass window partitions:
1. In offices – To create partition between to work stations or between office and pantry.
2. In homes – To create partition within the living room or to provide ambiance and decorative look to a dull room.

There are more use of window glasses than you can think of. All you need is to just use your imagination.

Make money Replacing Broken Window Glass

Owners or tenants pay you to replace broken window glass in their apartments or homes. This business idea can be either a part-time or a full-time way to make money, depending on the demand and your ambition. With the hard times we are having, people will be staying in their present homes longer, rather than trading up. This practice increases the demand for home repairs. (This is article #3 in a series of emergency handyman services. )#)


This business idea is best suited for people who are physically fit and enjoy working with their hands. You must be able to remove and replace broken window glass and repair damaged window dividers. This refers to window panes held in wooden sashes with glazers’ points and glazing compound (putty).

You should own a pickup truck or van to haul equipment, materials, supplies, and trash. You need to own or purchase the equipment and protective gear required for this activity. You should set up a home office with the basic office equipment and supplies.

Getting customers

Since this is an emergency type service, you should be able to make money without much trouble. Use a simple classified advertisement in the local newspaper or on craigslist. org to get customers. Also, advertise in any property owner’s newsletter.

Preliminary job activities

After arriving at the job site and greeting the customer, inspect the damaged window(s). Use a tape measure to find the approximate inside width and height of the wood frame to receive the new glass. The customer may be in a hurry and want you to work on a holiday, weekend, or at night to get the glass replaced. In addition, you may be asked to come back later and paint over the cured putty bead to make it weatherproof.

You can use standard job bid forms to estimate your labor and the costs of broken window glass and any damaged window dividers. This bid should include the fees for any extra services to be performed, such as painting or staining, and hauling away any trash. If the customer accepts your bid, you both can sign the bid form.

Main job activities

Before starting work, put on goggles and heavy work gloves. Then use a wide trowel or shovel to pick up any visible pieces of broken glass inside and outside the damaged window. Place these pieces in a sturdy cardboard box. Then lay down a plastic sheet to catch any more pieces that may fall down.

After heating the old putty, remove all remaining pieces of broken glass. Place them inside a sturdy cardboard box. Then use a chisel, putty knife, or utility knife to remove all the old putty from the window sash. Replace any damaged window dividers. Use a whiskbroom or small paintbrush to clean the wood where you removed the putty. Then apply linseed oil to all the bare wood.

Use a tape measure to find the actual inside width and height of the wood frame to receive the new glass. Then deduct 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch from each measurement to allow for clearance when replacing the glass pane. If the wood frame is straight and square, use the 1/16 of an inch deduction. Otherwise, use the 1/8 of an inch deduction.

Have the glass pane(s) cut to size at your local glass shop, hardware store, or building supplies store. (Be sure the glass is the correct size before you leave the store. )#)

Roll lumps of fresh putty between your hands. Use these rolls of putty to form a thin bed all around the wood frame that will receive the glass pane. (If the putty is cold, warm it up first. )#) Then gently press the new glass pane into the wood frame. This should force some putty out behind the glass.

Use a putty knife to insert new glaziers’ points every six inches or so along the wood frame. Force the point straight into the wood. Don’t put pressures against the glass, or it may break. The points should not be visible from inside the house. Use at least two points for each side of the glass pane. Don’t put a point closer than an inch from a corner of the glass.

Roll more lumps of fresh putty between your hands. Use these rolls of putty to form a triangular bead against the glass and the exposed wood frame. (If the putty is cold, warm it up first. )#) Then use a putty knife to flatten and strike off the surface of the putty bead. Shape this new putty bead to match any old putty beads near it. Also, the edge of the putty bead should not be visible from inside the house. Dip the putty knife in linseed oil if needed to smooth out the new putty bead. Use the putty knife to scrape off any excess putty around the glass pane and wood frame.