Wire Shelves or Polymer Grid Shelves? Selecting the appropriate Product Finish

Open construction shelving systems are thought of as steel wire shelves and polymer grid shelves. Many end users are unaware of the array of options in selection of these open construction shelving systems. Performance, Quality, Flexibility and Economics are important key factors in making your decision for the most appropriate selection.

Standard Steel – Wire Shelving

Known as the original wire storage system. A revolutionary concept that was fresh and innovative from the start, nearly 30 years ago. Open wire construction permits air circulation, visibility and minimizes dust accumulation. Depending upon the manufacturer, wire shelving systems can offer a very large selection of accessory options to create unique adaptations to suit your needs. Standard steel shelving systems are offered in several finishes as follows:

Brite is an environmentally-friendly protective finish that is as brilliant as chrome. It has an extra-thick, high-gloss zinc plating that offers an economical alternative to chrome shelving. As this finish does oxidize over a period of time without compromising construction integrity or durability, it is most often specified for commercial installations in dry-storage areas.

Chrome is an electroplated finish that offers a more reflective specular surface. It does not oxidize or tarnish and minimizes scratching. This finish is most often specified for commercial installations with customer visibility and for its long term decorative appeal. If your installation is located on a coastline, be aware that the salt sea air can degrade a chrome finish and you may want to consider a “powder coat” finish.

Powder Coat finishes are electro-statically applied and then cured under heat to form a skin over the steel. The powder may be a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer. This finish is tougher than conventional paint and the application process is more environmentally responsible than plated finishes. Powder Coat will break down if exposed continually to Uv rays between 5 to 10 years. If UV ray exposure is not an issue, a powder coat finish will retain its original appearance for many years to come. Powder Coat finishes are available in a variety of colors.

Epoxy coating is a multi-layer corrosion resistant finish consisting of a cross linked thermoset resin. It has excellent abrasion, rust, gouge and chemical resistance properties. When combined with an antimicrobial agent, it provides protection from bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi build-up that may cause odor, stains and product degradation. This finish is intended for damp locations and is widely used in the food service and health care industries. Extended limited warranties usually accompany this product against rust formation.

Stainless steel – Wire Shelving

Stainless steel, electro-polished type 304, is the ultimate product material for its recognized inherit low maintenance and antibacterial properties. It is unsurpassed for abrasion, gouge, temperature and corrosion resistance requirements. Perfect for walk-in refrigerator/freezer applications and damp locations. It is widely specified in the food service, clean room, health care, laboratory and marine environments.

Polymer – Grid Shelving

Polymer shelving offers longer-life durability and the performance of stainless steel shelving at a fraction of the cost. Today’s advanced polymers and epoxy coated steel designs offer superior performance versus wire shelving. Easy-to-clean smooth surfaces to promote a cleaner environment and higher level of safety. All shelves can be cleaned in a fraction of the time of wire. Polymer systems are lighter in weight, corrosion resistant and adapts to a wide variety of configurations and accessory items. Shelves should have reinforced stainless steel corners for strength and rigidity.

Polymer systems should offer integral built-in antimicrobial agents for protection against bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi build-up that may cause odor, stains and product degradation. Beware, some manufacturers only offer spray-on antimicrobial coatings that can wear off. However, an integral built-in antimicrobial agent within the polymer itself will provide protection for the lifetime of the shelving product. Built-in antimicrobial agents are preferred by the food service, laboratory and health care industries for their durability and unquestionable protection.

Making the best and most appropriate shelving finish selections, based on flexibility, quality and economics, will have direct impact on your storage solution requirements and the overall longevity of product performance.

Steel Storage Shelves and some Important Shelving Terms

You may have a business that involves setting up a storage room or a warehouse. It would be a big help to your operations if you use steel storage shelves for that. Steel shelving is very much common in industrial firms and businesses because it provides a number of benefits needed exactly by businesses compared to other shelving options.

Your ordinary wooden book shelves, plastic storage cabinets, wall mounted cabinets and glass corner shelves just won’t work best for the harsh environments commonly found in industrial businesses. You and your commercial enterprise won’t be able to benefit from those especially if you are having heavy duty operations or procedures and complicated systems. It would be best if you go for a steel shelf unit or rack in your storage area.

But it’s not enough to have steel storage shelves in your warehouse. You must also take the extra step in knowing everything about steel shelving and related key terms. You may wonder what a rivet shelving is and how it works. You may not have the slightest idea what cross braces mean. You may not know what a steel wire is for when it comes to these storage shelves.

Understanding these terms and ideas will give you a better view on how to use steel shelves effectively in your business. For instance, steel shelving come in various types like open and closed shelving. These two are the basic styles used in the kitchen and storage rooms. When you see storage shelves with steel panels at the back and the sides that would be closed steel shelving. Otherwise, it’s an open steel shelving.

There are also other types like wire steel shelving and rivet shelving where the latter is said to be adjustable and more affordable and the former is breathable and light. You may also encounter terms like starter unit and adder unit of steel shelving.

Other terms include accessories like modular drawers and cross braces. Those cross braces are used to making the steel shelves more stable forming an X pattern at the back for further support. You will be able to find more terms that you can study further if you are patient enough to research for them. The Internet is always open for important information-gathering activities like this.

Once you have learned and understood these key steel shelving terms, you will be able to handle these shelves made of stainless steel more properly and effectively. That would be great for your business specifically to its operations.

Technological Breakthroughs Bring Industrial Epoxy Flooring Into the Residential Garage

Until recently a high performance industrial epoxying flooring project took four days to complete. At that rate the labor and material cost made it prohibitive to make a profit on a 500-750 square foot garage floor. That has all changed with advanced technology coatings which have become available during the last few years.

There are varying quality coatings available today from thin Do it yourself floor paints to high quality epoxies and polyureas. For years epoxy was the only product available. A high quality system was applied in numerous layers at the rate of one coat per day. The first coat was a primer followed by two coats with sand broadcast into each layer, then finished with an industrial strength urethane.

Then along came polyaspartic & polyurea coatings. Polyaspartics were originally developed for coating steel to prevent corrosion. Their high performance properties led to use for other applications. It was discovered that polyaspartics performed exceptionally well on concrete plus had a rapid curing process. In fact numerous layers could be applied in one day rather than the typical four day application with industrial epoxy flooring.

The competition to epoxies from these new technology rapid curing polyureas led to advancements with a fast cure. The rapid cure process opened up the largest untapped markets in home improvement. Now a home owner can have their concrete floor surfaced by a professional who has made a business remodeling the garage. It is profitable for a contractor to resurface a floor in one or two days but not four. Now a home owner can get the same high performance concrete floor coating that is applied on a large industrial floor. The reason being is that professionals with a local internet strategy can reach the market of home owners who are searching online.

The internet has enabled the garage flooring professional access to a volume of business. The combination of high performance, rapid curing floor coatings combined with an internet strategy provides an entrepreneur with a business model that is profitable. Home owners benefit with quality at a reasonable cost that adds value to their home.

This market is flourishing during a recession. The recession actually may be a blessing to the growth of the garage remodeling market. New buyers are cost conscientious and have found a remodeled garage a valuable use of space. A remodeled garage with industrial epoxy flooring or polyurea coating blocks moisture making homes dryer and provides a surface that is bright and clean. Once the floor is complete a home owner can outfit the garage with cabinets and shelving that are functional and decorative. Once a home owner has a functional and clean garage they don’t use valuable interior space for storage. Now a home owner can have a smaller efficient interior space with a well organized garage that is remodeled inexpensively.

Chrome Steel Industrial Shelving

When you are looking for a new look in your home you should learn about the benefits of many different shelving system and materials, like chrome steel industrial shelving for instance. You may think that chrome is going to leave you home looking like something out of a rapper movie, but that is not so. There are a number of things that chrome does for your home, and just think about it, you may like the look of chrome steel industrial shelving.

If you do not know what it look like how will you know, you have to always ask yourself that. This is why you want to do as much research as you can. You need to make sure that you know as much as you can find out about a certain material. Metal is a great new style for any home these days, and we are going to find out why in the text below.

The first thing that you need to know is that metal shelving is solid. Now, some of you may be thinking that wood is solid too, but is it really? After a while wood start to fade and get brittle, the threads start to come away from each other and you end up with a very old looking shelf. If you have metal on the other hand you will find that you can expose it to sunlight, rain and all other natural and unnatural forces and you will still be left with a good looking shelf – and all it will need is a wipe.

You will also find that chrome steel industrial shelving is adjustable with adjustable brackets. Unlike wooden shelves that you have to keep or leave as you get them or build them. Now, it has to be said that you can make adjustable wooden shelves, but it will be a little bit wonky to say the least.

If you have wooden shelves, you will find that it has to be solid, because is the frame is adjustable it is not all that stable. So you want to make sure that any wooden shelf you get is as stable as can be. With chrome shelving on the other hand you will be able to move the shelf around to suit your needs and the best part about it is that you can take out a few of the steel framing pipes to make the shelf smaller or add a few to make the shelf as big as you need it.

If you are looking for that industrialist look in your home, or that clean operating room look you will find that you will be able to achieve that with chrome.

Chrome steel industrial shelving can be used in any part of the home, even in the bedroom or bathroom. But you also need to remember that you do not want to overdo it, because it can tend to be a bit much if you are not careful with the steel use, and you do not want that.

Industrial Shelving and Racking Options

You have decided it is time to get your business’s warehouse facility or equipment garage space organized once and for all. But what’s the right shelf or rack option for your particular situation? The industrial shelving and racking options from which to choose are virtually endless. On the one hand, this freedom of choice ensures there is a shelf or rack that meets your exact needs. On the flipside, wading through all the various alternatives can quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Following is a primer on some of the most popular industrial shelving and racking options. This list is designed to save you time and frustration, but please bear in mind that it is not an exhaustive rundown of all that is available. When in doubt, contact a professional shelf and rack provider for additional guidance.

Industrial Shelving and Racking Option #1: Sloped Shelving Systems with Shelf Bins – Do you have lots of small and medium sized parts strewn all about your warehouse or garage? Do you require the ability to quickly and easily see and access these items? If so, a sloped shelving system will help you get them cleaned up, in a systematic way, fast. These systems come in a wide range of sizes and bin colors for added functionality.

Industrial Shelving and Racking Option #2: Quantum Wire Shelving Units Complete with Shelf Bins – Do you need to store a lot of industrial parts but your floor space is at a premium? If so, think up, not outward. Because their foundation is made of heavy-duty wire, quantum shelving units can take storage upward toward the ceiling without any worry of the contents being unsupported and thereby suffering damage. The bins for these units are available in many size configurations for storage flexibility.

Industrial Shelving and Racking Option #3: Freestanding Slider Bins – When your industrial parts need to be protected but you also need to be able to access them with ease, freestanding slider bins are an ideal storage option. They feature panels with tip out bins and they can be configured in a multitude of bin arrangements for versatility.

Industrial Shelving and Racking Option #4: Quick Pick Bin Mobile Wire Cart – Do your operations require that your stored inventory travel with you around the warehouse or the garage? If so then mobile wire carts offer the mobility you are seeking. Made of heavy-duty polypropylene, they stand up to the bumps and jostles that are a natural part of all their frequent moving around. An open hopper in both the front and the back keeps contents in easy reach from every angle.

Industrial Shelving and Racking Option #5: Gondola Slider Systems – This industrial racking solution provides versatility for orderly and efficient storage to merchandisers, inventory controllers and users of small to medium sized parts. Tripled walled, the Gondola system’s panels are stacked one in front of the other to allow this shelving system to fit into narrow spaces. Each of the panels conveniently slides out to afford reach to parts without taking up too much valuable square footage in the warehouse or garage.

An Insight On Different kinds of Industrial Shelving Units

The popularity of Industrial shelving units have grown in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. Owing to the durable and sturdy nature as well flexible storage options, the Industrial storage units find its place in warehouses, retail outlets as well as in offices and institutions.

It goes without saying that every business or organization seeks to improve the efficiency, foster the productivity and minimize expenses through proper optimization of storage space. Industrial shelving units offer vertical levels of storage and ease the retrieval processes. Industrial shelving units help meet the storage requirements, these shelving systems can save you ample amount of money, improve space utilization and drastically improve elementary work processes.

In the following few paragraphs, we will describe some of the different kinds of Industrial Shelving units-

Pallet Racking Systems
Pallet Racking System is the common and the most cost-effective storage system which is used in large warehouses. These units are can store bulk quantities of articles on skids (pallets) while utilizing the vertical space to the most effect. Pallet racking systems also come in different types including drive-in, drive-thru, selective pallet racking, roll-form, pallet flow systems and push-back systems. The Roll formed selective pallet racking is much popular because of the easily adjustable shelves which can be placed to several heights and help accommodate varying sizes and types of loads. In pallet racking systems, Forklift trucks are the most essential part. The forklift trucks; that are used in loading and unloading the heavy pallets, form an integral part of Pallet Racking Systems.

Roll-out Shelving Systems
The Roll-out shelving system offers wonderful storage options for hefty articles and help place bulky items in rigid spaces. These systems enable you to access items placed at multiple levels without using a forklift truck. You can store twice the materials in minimum amount of space as well as improve work efficacy. You can buy the standard sized shelves from the manufacturers as well as look for custom sizes with unique load capacities. The Roll-out shelving units can be custom-designed featuring cabinets with locking doors, mobile carts, or can be installed with special cradling, decking and blocking options.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
These kinds of industrial shelves provide best solution for accessing as well as storing articles using computerized system. The computerized system automatically places and retrieves items from specific parts in the shelf. This accelerates the operations and effectively improves inventory rotation. Automated storage and Retrieval System types include Vertical Carousels or Vertical Lift Modules and Fixed Aisle Systems. Both these type deviates from the art of fetching the stored articles via traditional seek-and-gather method. Although a bit expensive than other storage systems in the circuit, the Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems offer you substantial ROI.

Apart from the above mentioned types, there are few other industrial shelving units such as cantilever racking systems, mobile material transfer systems and heavy-duty shelving units.

The industrial storage systems ease the material handling hassles and cut down the costs in warehouses and other manufacturing units while optimizing the overall space and improving operational effectiveness. In order to derive substantial return on investment, you should decide on the materials that you need to store and the space in your facility. This will help you save a few dollars, optimize the work space and accelerate the work-flow.

Industrial Shelving Systems – Choosing the right System

Industrial shelving systems are popular because of their durable nature and flexibility of storage options. Every business is searching for ways to improve efficiency and reduce expenses through better utilization of their existing space. Effective industrial shelving systems provide multiple vertical levels of storage and simplify storage and retrieval processes. When designed to meet the specific requirements of your business needs, the right industrial shelving system will save you money by improving space utilization, improving employee ergonomics and reducing steps and time in key work flow processes.

Pallet Racking Systems are the most common and inexpensive type of storage systems for large warehouses. Pallet racking is designed to store large quantities of materials on pallets or skids while effectively utilizing available vertical space. Common types of selective pallet racking include drive-in, drive-through, push-back and pallet flow systems. Roll formed selective racking is popular because shelves can be easily adjusted to heights to accommodate different load types and sizes. Forklift trucks are an essential part of a pallet rack system in order to load and unload heavy pallets.

Roll-out Shelving Systems provide an excellent storage solution for heavy or hard to handle items in tight spaces. When used in an area with an overhead crane or built in gantry, a primary benefit is the ability to access multiple levels of items without a forklift truck. This allows a user to store twice as much in half the space and dramatically improve employee ergonomics. When used for storing tooling like injection molds, roll-out shelving systems can reduce tooling changeover time by 50%. Standard sizes are available from several manufacturing but only Proper Storage Systems manufactures models in custom sizes and per shelf load capacities in both manual and pneumatic models. Roll-out shelving systems can also be customized as mobile carts, cabinets with locking doors or made to order shelves with special decking, blocking or cradling.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems provide an excellent option for storing and accessing items using a variety of computer controlled systems that automatically place and retrieve items from specific locations. Not only can this speed up picking operations but it can improve inventory rotation when organized properly. System types include fixed aisle and vertical carousels/ vertical lift modules. Both system types bring the stored item to the person versus the traditional hunt and gather method. As one of the higher cost solutions to storage and retrieval challenges, a positive return on investment is usually driven by high turn inventory or limited and high dollar real estate expansion options.

Other industrial shelving systems include cantilever racking for long items, material bundles or odd shapes, mobile material transfer systems and heavy duty shelving.

When it comes to improving material handling processes and costs in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers or warehouses, Industrial Shelving Systems play an important role saving space and improving operations. It is has been proven time and again that companies with the foresight to invest in the right industrial shelving systems experience a positive return on investment. Whatever material or item requiring storage, choosing the right Industrial Shelving System will save your company money by improving space utilization, improving employee ergonomics and reducing steps and time in key work flow processes.

Industrial Shelving – A great Storage Solution for your Warehouse

If you find that your warehouse is cluttered, messy, and you and your employees are not able to find items you need readily, you are in a bit of a jam. The key to running a business well is to be organized and have access to the items you need quickly and easily. If you are constantly running around just trying to find the items you need to do your work, rather than working, you are losing valuable time and therefore also valuable money. There is a solution to your warehouse junk pile, in the use of industrial shelving.

Organizing your warehouse space is the first step to you and your employees working quickly and efficiently. If your tools or products are thrown about helter skelter in your work area, it is harder to find the items you need quickly. Instead, you or your employees spend valuable time in the search for the one item they are looking for. With your products or tools stored in a neat, organized way on industrial shelving, you are able to retrieve them within seconds, making your workspace far more efficient.

There are many options for material to create or buy your shelving in. The traditional wood shelving is sturdy, easy to cut and build if you are doing it yourself, and lightweight if you are having them shipped to you, cutting shipping costs. They are strong, and can be painted any color to match your work area, if you wish to do so.

Aluminum shelving is even lighter for shipping, and still very strong. The clean metal lines are very appealing in a warehouse setting, and easy to keep clean and tidy. You can easily move aluminum shelving on wheels, given its very lightweight feel. You can also consider stainless steel shelving, which is heavier, and sturdier, if you need to store heavier items and have more stock or tools in storage at your warehouse. The stainless steel is again very easy to clean and keep sterile, if that is a concern in your storage facility.

There are other materials for shelving options, including PVC plastic and other plastics, and you can choose the most appropriate material for your needs based on what you are wanting to house. You can determine size and shape of the shelves as well based on what materials you will be storing, to make sure you have enough overhead space for large items, and ensure that you are making the most use of space if you are storing small items, so that the space above them isn’t being wasted.

You will create an efficient area for you and your employees to work in, which will be organized, neat and tidy, ensuring ease in finding tools or items in stock easily, as everything is placed neatly on shelves and can be labeled alphabetically or by stock number, etc. The ease of finding tools and product at eye level, rather than digging through boxes on the floor will save sore backs as well. Consider industrial shelving in your workplace.

Industrial Shelves: Space Saving Management Tips

Modern design systems have made industrial shelves quite popular and trendy. They are in demand for residential, industrial, agricultural, institutional and commercial purposes for space-saving management. In purchasing storage shelves, there are many factors you have to consider. You need to know exactly what your needs and requirements are. It is important to plan and assess the areas for shelving installation. Whether it is for your garage or pantry, warehouse, store or any type of business, shelves provide the solution to install order and maintain organized systematic shelving.

In choosing a storage shelf, whether wood, metal, glass reinforced fiber, plastic, or a combination of wood and aluminum or wood and stainless steel, consider its durability, lifespan, stability, safety and cost. Other elements such as beauty, size, height, mobility, ease of access all come into play in determining your shelving options. The popular type nowadays as a storage equipment is the metal shelf with a capacity of 150 lbs to over 1, 000 lbs. per shelf. They can be made of aluminum, galvanized, chrome plated or stainless steel.

A type of metal shelf is the wire racking system used in food service, retail and general storage. In the home, this metal shelving is also ideal for record stacking. Not only do these metal shelves have designs which are attractive and pleasant looking, they are also very convenient and sturdy. For your office workspace, retail displays and showrooms, you can choose designer wire shelving with a carrying capacity of up to 750 lbs. to provide an element of artistry and beauty to the space.

If your carrying capacity needs are 1000 lbs and up, there are the chrome plated wire shelving models to choose from. They have many outstanding features like an anti-corrosion resistance property, no dust or dirt build up and access from all sides with high visibility. Other shelving options are based on the T-Post upright with variations for shelves. You can choose from 18, 20 or 22 gauge shelves made of galvanized, open wire and other types with pull out shelves to fit your exact requirements.

Technological advancement has also provided a pre-engineered galvanized steel shelf model designed for harsh environments like areas which are very humid or in unheated warehouses. Applications will be for storage of solvents, cleaning agents and oily or greasy materials. You can avail of it in sections of 36″ wide by 84″ high with a choice of three depths.

Additional benefits from metal shelves are they are cost effective, flexible and space savers. They are also quite versatile. Not only can they be used for industrial applications, many homeowners have already put them inside their homes, garage, dens and patios. There are many variations of metal shelves like clad shelving, open/closed shelving, mobile, archive, double rivet, torment boltless resistant rivets, etc.

If your resources will permit, you can also opt for stainless steel shelves to save on space and time. When it comes to beauty and durability, stainless steel shelves are very hard to beat. You can use them as a mobile shelf which you can easily transport from place to place or a static shelf which is fixed in a location. The added benefit of stainless steel industrial shelves is that they are easy to clean, very durable, fully secured and stable.

Before making your choice, be sure to conduct your preliminary research and due diligence search in hardware, home depots and home improvement sections in malls or via the numerous websites of industrial shelves suppliers. The time and effort you spend will help and guide you to pick out the right type of industrial shelves. You will be able to secure the appropriate storage and space saving solutions that will fit your logistics requirements.