A Brief Primer upon Fireplace Add-ons

Although all of us rarely make use of fireplaces because main causes of heat any longer, they nevertheless serve like a central collecting post for many families, snuggling round the warm glow on the cold winter’s evening, or actually lounging before it viewing movies on the damp as well as chilly wet day. Regardless of why we rely on them, they continue to be very typical in families today and therefore are among the favorite places for families to invest time close to.

Many families use the fire place as their own main focus in their house, whether it’s the first point a customer sees on entering or if it’s part from the largest living room in the home. People maintain their fireplaces roaring for a lot of reasons, however they are usually accessorized properly, bringing the actual tastes from the household occupants together.

With a lot of options with regards to decorating your own fireplace, it’s no question how people may become overwhelmed using their choices, particularly if their fire place decorating experience is restricted.

Matching your own fireplace tools for your fireplace décor is a good way to start coordinating your own fireplace’s add-ons. Tools can differ from really decorative, utilizing cherry wooden or marbled as highlights, to truly simple, so choose based on your design. Most tools are ordered as metal or metal, but look around a small and you can find a few in copper mineral, nickel, wrought metal, bronze, or even chrome.

Your own fireplace display should complement your resources and common fireplace décor. Fireplace screens are available in two designs: folded display and toned screen. Folded fire place screens are often made associated with 3, four, or 5 sections that project from your fire place; flat fire place screens tend to be solid as well as unbendable buildings that sit down directly before your fire place opening.

Fireplace screens can be found in a number of styles as well as fashions, such as Traditional, Vintage, Country, as well as Contemporary, in addition to various materials for example copper, cup, stained cup, brass, refined iron, as well as steel. Based on your preferences, you may select screens which are either quite simple in style or elaborately completed, the latter from the two helping more like a decoration than the usual tool to avoid the distribute of fireplace.

Fireplaces provide more than merely heat-they supply light which is the gentle flickering atmosphere a fireplace emits that means it is so welcoming. If you would like that ambiance although not the fire, try obtaining a candelabrum for the fireplace. Candelabra tend to be candle holders which are created to become placed within your fireplace, letting you experience the actual flickering excellent light with no mess associated with wood or even hassle of creating the fireplace.

As fireplaces still provide homes all over the world with warmness, coziness, as well as relaxing gentle, they tend to be continually accessorized along with tools, displays, and as well as picture structures or vacation decorations. Although it might appear daunting in the beginning, after considering your choices and abiding because of your tastes, your fireplace is going to be accessorized completely with just some time.

Some Fire place Ideas You should use

Generally talking, the fire place is a fundamental element of many houses. It provides coziness as well as comfort. In the majority of the cases, the last product is visible only following the installation procedure is finished, but so far as the fireplace can be involved, you need to plan forward. The making of the fireplace starts with picking out the correct design specs, which is done over the span of numerous years.

These styles adhere purely to higher safety standards making certain the fireplace doesn’t cause any kind of damage by means of fire in order to homes, flats, mansions, and manor homes amongst others. Hence, when creating a fireplace, the very first factor that should be taken into consideration is where it will be set up. The 2nd important aspect to consider is the actual exit path for that flames to flee safely outside the home. It’s important to take your requirements into thing to consider before creating a fireplace in your house. Once your requirements are decided, then you’ll be able to convert your own dreams right into a reality.

Before creating a fireplace in your house, you have to decide the region in the area where the actual fireplace is going to be kept. Lots of people have the desire of creating the fire place the focus in the area. In this particular case, the fireplace needs to be massive as well as must mix well using the different elements of the house décor. Such the fireplace could be placed in the heart of one walls.

Then there are several people that prefer using a corner fire place. If you need to use this particular fireplace concept, you have to do a little bit of careful planning since the fireplace must be designed inside a triangular method. A competent and skilled designer might be able to do this particular job nicely and assist in adding greater attract the fire place.

After deciding the precise location from the fireplace, you are able to delve in to other fireplace tips to make your own fireplace much more interesting. You may determine the type of material employed for covering the actual walls for example tiles, marbles, large rock, limestone along with other stones which are largely utilized in the building process.

Most of those fireplace ideas are utilized with regards to adding some beauty towards the décor. Stone as well as brick fireplaces will allow you to enjoy the actual pleasure of the roaring fireplace. As you take a look at a few of the fascinating fire place ideas and begin exploring all of them slowly, you can begin to imagine your perfect fireplace.

Fireplace Effectiveness With Cup Doors

Improve your own fireplaces warmth efficiency through 25% or even more just by carrying out a few easy things, you can enhance the efficiency of the fireplace and obtain more heat from your fireplace, while taking pleasure in the atmosphere and beauty of the wood-burning fireplace that’s already in your house. If you’ve got a little working understanding of fireplaces, you’ll be able to understand the reason why improving the quantity of heat that the fireplace creates is vital that you the total enjoyment of getting a fireplace in your house. If you’re new in order to burning actual wood-burning fireplaces, there are several very simple methods to improve the quantity of heat that the fireplace may produce. The very first thing that you may wish to know regarding your fireplace could it be in great working purchase? As the masonry contractor within the Seattle region we see a number of chimney each year that tend to be unsafe in order to burn and have to be repaired. A few of the things that you simply may wish to look for will be, if the actual fireplace requirements repair or even has free brick, cigarette smoking problems, water damage and mold, or damper difficulties. One of the greatest way’s to determine if your own fireplace is able to burn would be to ask to have an inspection from the masonry contractor in your town. Now may be the time to begin that fireplace, and once we said above we would like the fire place to burn within an efficient method.

The very first rule for just about any fire in order to burn within an efficient method, is which kind of fuel have you been burning? For the wood-burning fire place to burn off well you have to burn top quality, dry experienced wood. Whenever you burn high quality seasoned wooden the fireplace will burn off cleaner, warmer and improve your fire place efficiency. You might say I’m already using top quality seasoned wood to assist my fire place burn nicely, but We still would like my fireplace to enhance its effectiveness. There continue to be several other activities that can be done to enhance the efficiency of the fireplace an additional 25% or even more. Every and I am talking about every fireplace must have a glass-door installed onto it, if just for safety factors, installing the glass door is among the best methods for improving your own fireplace efficiency for any very little cost. You may be thinking when I place glass-doors upon my fireplace heat will remain behind the actual glass and go in the chimney. This isn’t the situation, heat out of your fireplace may radiate out with the glass even though the glass-doors tend to be closed, so a great way to use your own glass-doors would be to burn the actual fireplace using the glass-doors open and also the safety display closed. In this manner you have all of the beauty as well as ambience of the fire before you decide to.

If your own fireplace has outside atmosphere or constitute air you may also burn the actual fireplace using the glass doorways shut and also the safety display open, in this particular mode it is possible to observe your stunning fire and have the radiant warmth, but not really be losing the air within the room in the chimney. Make upward air or even outside air could be installed of all fireplaces without having it inside your fireplace right now. These 2 things will even overcome the reason why that a few fireplaces smoke cigarettes, and additionally why your own fireplace includes a drafty smokey smell into it when it’s not getting used. Just for all those two factors every fireplace must have glass-doors installed in it. The greatest reason I’ve saved with regard to last and that’s, your fire place is priced at you warmth loss all night and day even whenever your not utilizing it. The cause is that the damper inside your fireplace isn’t airtight they’re made this way to maintain some clearance even if they tend to be closed. If you have the fireplace that doesn’t have the glass-door you’re wasting power, up as well as out the actual chimney. In the following paragraphs it’s easy to understand how you will get more heat from your fireplace with just a couple small modifications, that enables you to burn outdoors air rather than the air that you simply already compensated to warmth, and through installing glass-doors to prevent heat reduction.

Choose the very best Fireplace Or even Wood Stove For the Home

Nothing beats the heat and ambiance of the crackling fire place. If you are considering purchasing or even upgrading the fireplace, wood range or fire place insert (or even any fireplace appliance) there are numerous choices. With respect to the style as well as features of your house, your power needs, design choices and budget there are lots of hearth options to select from.

Masonry Fireplaces

New brickwork fireplaces came quite a distance since the times when these people provided much more ambiance compared to warmth. Today’s versions are a lot more energy-efficient plus some European models may even heat a whole small house. The cost of the masonry fire place varies, depending on numerous factors, including kind of material utilized (particularly about the fireplace encounter, which might be composed associated with marble, granitic, brick, and so on. )#), the actual hearth (large rock, stone, cement, tile, marble or even wood) along with other factors for example chimney liners as well as chimney hats.

Gas Fireplaces

Housed within their own steel casing, gas fireplaces could be installed almost anyplace. Inside the actual gas fireplace you will discover ceramic firelogs, fiber gasoline logs or even glass or even crystal elements along with a burner which produces the glowing organic gas-powered fire. These brand new gas fireplaces aren’t the aged gas fireplaces. The amount and quality from the flame may be dramatically improved and many now possess the feel and look of a conventional wood burning up fireplace. Many gasoline fireplaces are in possession of flames which are difficult to tell apart from wooden burning fireplace flames. Modern gasoline fireplaces also include electronic remote control controls as well as automatic fans to higher circulate heat. The brand new remote regulates are fairly sophisticated along with touch displays, child security locks as well as automated heat control procedure.

There tend to be three different types of gas fireplaces: the actual direct port model, the very best vent style, and the actual vent-free design.

The immediate vent gasoline fireplace utilizes two port pipes which lead straight to the outdoors. One tube uses combustion air in the outside as the other ports the wear out gas.

The very best vent gasoline fireplace design could be installed in to existing fireplaces as well as uses the actual metal or even brick chimney since the exhaust port. The combustion air for top level vent fireplaces is actually drawn from the home as the chimney ports the wear out gas.

The actual vent-free gasoline fireplace design uses absolutely no exhaust port. This design includes a good oxygen-depletion sensor which turns from the gas in the event that it sensory faculties a dangerous insufficient oxygen indoors. While fire place manufacturers declare that vent-free fireplaces burn off clean, are energy-efficient and do not threaten indoor quality of air, be conscious that numerous states don’t permit installing vent-free fireplaces. Within the New Britain states associated with New Hampshire, Boston, Vermont, Maine as well as Connecticut installing of vent-free gasoline fireplaces is actually permitted. Massachusetts has previously not authorized installing vent free of charge gas fireplaces with regard to safety factors.

Prefabricated Fireplaces

Prefabricated fireplaces, also called zero-clearance fireplaces, tend to be highly protected, so they may be installed inside an inch associated with combustible supplies, such because wall framework. They tend to be preferred within new building because they are much much lighter, are quicker and simpler to install compared to standard brickwork units, and therefore are energy-efficient. Numerous newer prefabricated fireplaces tend to be prefabricated through metal as well as installed within wood-frame wall space. They generally possess a metal shell along with a realistic brick-lined firebox.

Wooden Stoves

A wooden stove is basically a steel container for any fire. Produced from cast metal or brick-lined, welded dish steel, a wooden stove comes with an inlet with regard to combustion atmosphere and a good outlet with regard to combustion gas, or smoke cigarettes. Most contemporary wood ovens are airtight and permit the quantity of combustion atmosphere that rss feeds the flame to become controlled. This manage allows the wood range to burn much more efficiently than the usual traditional open up fireplace.

Wood ovens built throughout the 1970s as well as early 1980s provide efficiencies associated with 50 in order to 60 %. Those constructed since brand new governmental needs were set up in 1988 provide 75 percent or more overall effectiveness; that is actually, they convert as much as 75 percent or even more of their own fuel in to heat. Concern regarding particulate emissions or polluting of the environment carried through wood smoke also have forced modifications in wooden stove styles. Although aged wood ovens gave off as much as 50 gr of particulates each hour in smoke cigarettes, new licensed stoves produce only regarding 5 gr.

Most brand new wood ovens are power efficient, eco-friendly and are available in many designs and colours. If a person thought which wood ovens only arrived in dark and belched smoke cigarettes then reconsider. The brand new wood ovens are power efficient, clean burning up and there’s a wood stove to suit any house or lifestyle.

Fireplace Inserts

For those who have a brickwork fireplace but can’t stand the connected, draftiness, power costs or even overall inefficiency, you should look at purchasing the fireplace place, sometimes known as a fire place stove place. A fire place insert is actually a wooden stove made to fit right into a fireplace. Fireplace inserts are often constructed associated with cast metal or steel the same as wood ovens.

Installing the fireplace place will usually require installing a fireplace liner. The fireplace liner basically narrows as well as insulates the actual chimney port and links directly on to the fire place insert developing a closed extremely efficient program. No much more opening as well as closing the actual damper. Fireplace inserts may use various energy options and therefore are clean burning up (minimum smoke as well as particulate emissions). Fire place inserts such as wood ovens are large, usually weighing up to 300 lbs. This indicates delivery as well as installation tend to be better remaining to licensed installers or even professional fireplace sweeps.

Gas fire place inserts utilize gas or fluid propane since the fuel supply and contain a gasoline log arranged installed right into a steel or even cast metal stove and therefore are usually sealed about the front along with glass. Most gasoline inserts possess fans or even blowers which automatically circulate heat. Gas inserts can be found with remote control controls, walls switches or even wall-mounted thermostats.

Wood-burning fire place inserts make use of firewood since the fuel supply. Wood inserts include fans or even blowers which automatically circulate heat. Wood burning up inserts might typically consist of an operable cup door within the front to permit for launching of fire wood and fire viewing. Wood inserts vary in dimensions of fire viewing region (the larger the much better) as well as maximum record length that may be inserted to the stove with regard to burning.

Pellet fire place inserts make use of wood pellets or other forms of pellets (hammer toe based, soy dependent, etc. )#) since the fuel supply. Pellet fire place inserts include fans or even blowers which automatically circulate heat.

Pellet-Burning Fireplace Appliances

Pellet-burning fireplace appliances are better to operate and much more convenient compared to other wood-burning home appliances. In truth, they tend to be almost as simple to use as gasoline, oil or even electric heating units. Pellet ovens and pellet inserts burn off wood pellets or even compressed wooden. Pellet-burning fireplace appliances consist of pellets via a hopper and also the rate associated with burn is actually controlled by a digital circuit board that’s typically managed by burn off settings or perhaps a thermostat. Most pellet home appliances have a minimum of two burn off settings plus some new versions use thermostats to manage the fireplace. They also make use of a forced-air program to deliver the wooden pellet warmth. Pellet-burning home appliances are extremely efficient, clean burning up and eco-friendly.

Pellet ovens burn wooden very efficiently and several don’t need chimneys. Instead, they may exhaust gases by ventilation directly via a wall towards the outdoors. Pellet-burning appliances have to be refueled much less frequently than other wood burning up appliances. Refueling differs from once each day to twice per week, depending about the model as well as your heating requirements. Most pellet ovens require electricity to use.

Customizing Your own Fireplace

Your fireplace could be customized with a number of functional as well as stylistic choices.

Gas fireplaces, for example, feature three different types of logs: vented logs that offer a practical burning wooden look along with less warmth; ventless firelogs, which create a yellow flame having a high level of efficiency; and partly vented firelogs which give a middle floor option within warmth, look and effectiveness. Each kind of gas log will come in many various gas record set designs including kinds of wood (walnut, cedar, north oak, and so on. )#), flame dimension and color along with other unique as well as interesting designs (camping fire, seaside fire, cup, crystal, and so on. )#).

Gasoline fireplaces, gas ovens and gasoline inserts may all supply with remote control controls, walls switches as well as wall installed thermostats.

Other choices or add-ons for fireplaces include several hearth area rugs, custom cup doors, lung burning ash containers as well as buckets, wooden holders, fireplace starters, fire enhancers, fire place screens, resources and fire place gloves. There are lots of accessories and possibilities for wooden stoves too. The most widely used options consist of tool models, hearth area rugs, stove fragrances and steamers.

Using Fire place Accessories in order to Spring Thoroughly clean Your Fire place

Spring is actually finally right here. Yeah! Therefore now the actual fireplace period is turning down. But don’t think which means that your own fireplace should therefore proceed unused throughout the warmer several weeks. Quite the alternative! Keeping your own fireplace since the centerpiece of your house is simple. But first there’s a little springtime cleaning to become done, before we are able to get towards the fun designing.

First purchase of company is to deal with that fireplace. Cleaning your own chimney thoroughly is among the most important steps you can take to keep the fireplace thoroughly clean and secure. Make sure there isn’t any creosote build-up inside your chimney. When the creosote accumulates, there is really a chance it will capture fire as well as since creosote uses up at an incredibly high heat, it is really a very harmful and quick burning fireplace.

There are in fact several good methods to clean away a fireplace. One would be to purchase the chimney clean that fits your dimension and kind of chimney. These brushes tend to be specially created for cleaning away chimneys, but you need to ensure you possess the right size for the specific fireplace. Also, for those who have a physical chimney you need to use a cable brush, whereas in case your chimney is actually prefab, you need to use a clean with poly bristles. The form of your own chimney can also be important within considering that brush to purchase. Some chimneys tend to be square or even rectangle, while some are circular. Once you’ve determined that brush is better for your own chimney, you have to decide whether you’re more comfy climbing up along with your roof to wash or sitting alongside your fire place.

If you choose that sitting alongside the fire place is what you want, you will need to ensure you have sufficient chimney supports to span the whole length of the chimney. When you are sitting alongside your fire place, push your own brush up with the flue. Continue to include more clean rods because needed before brush is towards the top of the fireplace. As a person pull the actual brush back, you will have to make a backwards and forwards motion to actually scrub the actual creosote from the walls from the chimney. Make sure to shield your own eyes, as a number of this loose creosote may fall under the firebox.

If you choose that cleansing your chimney in the top works much better, you have to have a long bit of rope and some form of weight mounted on the bottom from the chimney clean. Again, while you work the actual brush with the chimney, use a backwards and forwards motion to be certain you tend to be scraping off just as much creosote as you possibly can. If you need to do opt for this technique, make sure you get it done with security precautions in position. Falling from the roof is actually never advisable!

Chimney sweeps tend to be another superb option with regard to cleaning your own chimney. These experts can ensure that all facets of your fireplace are as much as safety requirements. Look for any CSIA Licensed Chimney Sweep in your town to keep your fireplace is actually properly looked after.

Once you’ve finished cleansing your fireplace, the next thing in cleansing your fireplace to organize it for that coming hotter months, would be to clean away the firebox. You will have to give your own firebox walls a great brushing having a nice rigid brush. Knock down all of the loose soot as well as ash which has gotten stuck towards the brick wall space and flue.

Remove your own fireplace grate as well as set it aside on the newspaper. Maintain it through touching your own finished floors, as it’ll leave a pleasant sooty impact. You may clean this as well as your other fire place tools within the next step. Making use of your fireplace shovel, you will have to scoop out just as much of the actual completely cooled down ash and also the chunks associated with unburned wood as possible. Using your own fireplace clean, sweep the rest of the actual ash on your shovel as well as into a good ash pail.

An option to using the fireplace brush to obtain all of those other ash out is always to use vacuum pressure. Make sure you utilize a vacuum which has a good filter onto it, as lung burning ash has very small particles. Ash vacuum cleaners are specially fashioned with extra good filters, so this will be a great choice. It isn’t as untidy as capturing up everything ash, possibly! Another benefit to utilizing ash vacuum cleaners is that you don’t have to hold back until your own ashes as well as embers tend to be completely cooled down before cleaning them upward. Make certain you very carefully read just about all labels as well as instructions in your specific lung burning ash vacuum. If you actually want to do the deep cleansing, you may use a moist rag as well as wipe lower the wall space and floor of the firebox. This is totally optional in support of for individuals who like which “white glove” check.

The next thing is to wash those well-used fire place tools as well as fireplace grate. Black soot as well as resin can certainly build on your tools and may make all of them unsightly as well as grungy-looking. Here are some simple steps to assist bring back again their unique luster as well as shine.

Take your own fireplace grate as well as tools outside and provide them a great hosing lower. This will begin to remove all the loose soot as well as dirt in the surface. For that fireplace grate, fill the bucket with warm water and a tiny bit of abrasive solution. Scrub having a steel made of woll pad to get rid of the caked upon resin as well as soot. You may want to use the stiff-bristled brush to find the really poor parts. For that fireplace resources, use warm water and a tiny bit of ammonia solution. Avoid utilizing abrasives, as these types of may scratch the conclusion on your own tools. You could use a wash brush to find the stubborn grime particles, but be careful so as to not damage the top.

Once you’ve removed all of the dirt as well as soot, you might wish to add an additional sparkle for your freshly cleaned out fireplace resources. You can perform this through polishing having a brass polisher. Follow just about all label directions and alerts when using this for your tools.

You are now able to enjoy your own clean fire place for all of those other season, without stressing about soaring dust or even ash or in regards to a dangerous creosote fireplace breaking out within the fireplace. Remember to near the flue to avoid any drafts and also to keep your own firebox free of debris. Decorating your own fireplace is really a pleasure once it’s all thoroughly clean. The enjoyable part is actually deciding what you should use.

What about creating a brand new look for the fireplace by obtaining a new fire place screen? There are a lot of options available so far as design as well as style. A number of my faves are solitary panel fire place screens. Having a single solar panel fireplace display, you need not have a lot room in your hearth. Because it’s a flat fire place screen, it may sit right facing the firebox and occupies very small precious room. As for that design, what about adding the new look associated with spring having a leaf fire place screen? Should you really adore that appear, you may even get the matching leaf fire place tool arranged and record holder to visit with this!

Stained cup fireplace displays can give a new turn to a exhausted out fire place. Their elegance is classic and lasts through the season. Among my personal favorites would be the Wisteria Discolored Glass Fire place Screen, the actual Dragonfly/Flower Discolored Glass Fire place Screen, the Eye Stained Cup Fireplace Screen and also the Roses Trellis Discolored Glass Fire place Screen. Many of these remind me personally of spring and also the wonderful colours that develop up with this beautiful period.

If you’re partial in order to brass, you’ll find a brand new brass fire place screen which will make which fireplace truly beautiful this year. The options are endless with regards to brass, because this really is such a well known and long lasting material with regard to fireplaces. You actually cannot fail with the brass fire place screen!

Or beautify your firebox and provide it just a little flare! Get rid of your fire place screen, andirons as well as fireplace grate as well as replace all of them with stunning fireplace candelabra. It rests right within your fireplace in which the fireplace grate usually sits. You are able to light the actual candles for any romantic night glow with no heat of the full fireplace, or simply leave all of them unlit and revel in the beauty from the candelabra by itself.

Decorate your own mantel along with some newly picked springtime flowers, such as tulips or even daffodils. Allow it to be simple. You only require a few blossoms carefully arranged inside a nice cup vase to create a fresh as well as bold declaration. Enjoy your own fireplace all year round, not just throughout the winter. It’s a beautiful addition to your house that shouldn’t be forgotten! Have some fun making your own fireplace a good inviting area to collect around, even with no roaring fireplace. Think away from “fire”box!

Fireplace Style – Where Will i Start?

Picture exactly how your fireplace is going to be used. No doubt you’ve already got an area in thoughts, but the actual practicality from the location may have venting requirements, installation clearance needs and energy choices.


Very first, why have you been installing the fireplace? Is is perfect for recreational make use of and enjoyable? Is this serving like a backup emergency heat? Supplemental heat for any chilly space? Is it just a decorative element to improve your decoration? Fireplaces can be found in an array of designs fireplaces getting used as additional or back-up heat sources can get the the majority of use along with a higher high quality (more costly) model would have been a better option that usually offers higher efficiency.

Who’ll be while using new fire place? What is the lifestyle? Elderly people and people with health issues might not be able to take care of the vigors associated with toting fire wood. But for those who have the time for you to enjoy the actual rituals associated with cutting, splitting as well as stacking wooden and the thought of free warmth from dropped trees in your property, an investment inside a wood burning up fireplace may meet your requirements perfectly. Or else, expand your own possibilities in order to gas or even electric fireplaces.

Fire place design specialists and fireplace sweeps concur that low-end, builder-grade fireplaces ought to only supply for periodic, recreational fires for example family events at vacations. If you anticipate to make use of your fireplace once per week or more throughout the winter, choose a higher finish model which will last for several years because replacement is definitely an expensive, time-consuming task. Now let’s start with the following stage associated with planning.



Would you picture burning up natural fire wood? Wood burning up fireplaces may put probably the most restraints in your design. The fireplace system should run vertically inside a relatively directly configuration as well as clear the actual roof line based on local rules, which are no less than 3′ in many areas — but could be excessively more based upon your roofing pitch as well as home style. You’ll would like the fire place installed within an area that is accessible to some doorway towards the outside to create in your own firewood and remove ashes. A wooden burning fireplace will even have the best requirements for any fireproof fireplace that protrudes to the room as well as for aspect and best clearances. And unless you go searching for a high-end, energy effective fireplace fire place design that provides tightly closing doors with regard to long burn off times as well as upgraded designs to supply high warmth output, burning wood might actually remove much more heat out of your room compared to it provides.

Opening entrance, decorative wooden burning fireplaces tend to be banned because new product choices in certain areas that are susceptible to air high quality problems. Decorative fireplaces consume lots of fuel, can create excessive levels of smoke into town, and provide little in order to no warmth output. So carefully think about the quality and options that come with the versions available on your planning phases. Higher finish models can provide you a lot more years associated with service in addition convenience features giving you lengthier burn occasions, more warmth from every bit of wood as well as cleaner burning up that leads to less smoke along with a cleaner fireplace.

Make sure you’ve got a good supply of firewood obtainable and room to bunch your wooden pile. The kind of wood a person burn — and the way you store and take care of your fire wood – may greatly impact your wooden burning encounter.

For basically the the majority of talented do-it-yourselfers, a woodburning fireplace is really a job that’s best done with a licensed as well as experienced expert.


Gas fireplaces provide a convenient, realistic flame in the touch of the button. Remote controls are for sale to most versions. Many may also use thermostat regulates that change the fire or change the fire off and on based about the room heat. Venting choices may permit installation within nearly any kind of room, on any kind of floor of your house.

Gas fireplaces come in a number of styles, sizes as well as designs and gives multiple ventilation options. Decorative versions won’t provide you with much warmth, while more advanced models may heat a good open ground plan almost as effectively like a furnace. Direct port models might vent flat or provide you with enough choices with offsets for that vent in order to terminate remotely in the fireplace. Every design from each and every manufacturer differs, so examine installation needs carefully to ensure your design could be implemented with regard to safe as well as efficient make use of.

Gas fireplaces are made to burn either Gas (piped into your house by the town gas organization) or even LP (Fluid Propane) that is stored inside a tank inside your yard.

Installing of a gasoline fireplace will need a local plumber or AIR CONDITIONING technician (examine local rules) to operate gas lines towards the fireplace and also to install the actual fireplace as well as venting program, so this can be a project which will require expert installation.

Electrical Fireplaces

Once not really a thing to consider for fireplaces, electric fires are actually extremely popular. They run at 100% effectiveness and need no venting to allow them to be installed anywhere. They can also be the just option with regard to renters or even for high-rise condominiums and workplace buildings. Designs vary from small in order to large, conventional to modern. Most incorporate a heater than can offer plenty associated with warmth with regard to smaller places. There tend to be no unique installation needs – simply plug into a current 3-prong electric outlet – so this can be a relatively easy installation that many homeowners may accomplish by themselves.

Now that people know which kind of fuel is actually right, let’s strategy where it will likely be installed.


Once we learned simply two, the fuel you will be burning inside your fireplace might dictate in which the fireplace could be installed in line with the venting requirements from the model selected. A woodburning fireplace within an upstairs bedroom isn’t practical because you will be toting wooden up as well as carrying ashes lower.

Sometimes the compromise will be asked to meet ventilation and clearance requirements from the fireplace style you select. Your perfect location in between two windows might not work, however the more roomy area about the opposite wall will be perfect. Or maybe the woodburning fireplace you want between the actual windows cannot fit, however a gasoline burning design will. So figure out how important the place of the actual fireplace would be to the design in store and stay flexible in this stage associated with planning.


Depending on the period, fireplaces happen to be designed with the ages with a number of styles. A large part fireplace may supply the perfect stability for additional elements within the room. Flat or even low-profile hearths tend to be more practical within smaller areas where you will be less prefer to stub your own toe strolling by. Flat hearths had been popular in the early 1800’s towards the 1940’s. Raised hearths might bring the actual fireplace as much as offer a much better view from the bed or even sofa. A fireplace raised 16″ in order to 18″ provides additional seating within the room. Think about the style elements inside your room, the way the furniture is going to be arranged, and the kind of fireplace you are installing. Raised hearths permit less twisting when launching or maintaining a wooden fire. If you are trying in order to replicate the appearance of a specific era after that research the type of fireplaces, surround as well as hearth supplies plus mantel styles which were popular in those days.

I’ve selected my fuel and also the room it will likely be installed in to, now exactly how should this look?


A fireplace is generally a generic container that retains a fireplace. Decorative accents supplied by the producer (for example trim designs and doorway or eye-port finishes) is going to be your following decision. The greatest component of your style style would be the hearth, encompass, trim as well as mantel options.

The hearth may be the extension to the room providing you with protection for your flooring as the surround offers protection for that walls encircling your fire place. Requirements will be different greatly for that surround as well as hearth in line with the type associated with fuel your own fireplace burns and also the individual requirements for that model selected. Woodburning fireplaces will usually require the hearth 18″ or even more while watching fireplace, and increasing to every side to provide maximum safety for sets off and tumbling embers. Gas fireplaces as well as electric fireplaces may need little in order to no fireplace or encompass, although integrating these components into your own design may provide a more genuine look as well as appeal for the room.

Hearths as well as surrounds may incorporate a multitude of materials you need to be sure and choose the best material, within the correct width for warmth transfer safety, and make certain it’s set up correctly. Make certain there is actually adequate pounds support underneath the fireplace as well as hearth area to aid the fire place, venting program and hearth/surround supplies. A fireproof underlayment might be needed in certain installations. Here are a few materials you might consider with regard to hearths as well as surrounds:

Large rock or large rock veneers

Rock, stone veneers or even cultured rock

Ceramic tile

Standing, marble, granitic & strong surface supplies

Metallic surfaces for example stainless metal or copper mineral

Cement slabs

Mantels as well as Trim

Your mantel as well as trim choice might have the greatest effect on the visual design of the fireplace. A great mantel may take a regular fireplace through ordinary in order to exquisite! Many property owners choose in order to allot more of the budget for that fireplace installation to the mantel than every other the main project, so consider the way the mantel may affect your general look as well as costs. The mantel is actually installed to in the surround and supply a completed look. Detailed mantels are generally used within homes having a traditional style. The mantel consists of decorative up and down trim which sits about the fireplace hearth and many often features a mantel ledge.

Make certain the mantel is actually installed to permit sufficient clearances in order to amply satisfy the fireplace manufacturer’s directions. Deep racks, for instance, can existing challenges along with wood burning up fireplaces since the overhang may cause fire hazards because of the excessive increasing heat.

Mantels can be found in a huge number of materials, designs and styles:



Cast Metal


Cultured Rock



Buying very modern design? Contemporary styles use easy lines to produce a harmonious really feel, or thrilling textures as well as patterns that is probably not enhanced by utilization of a mantel or even shelf. Inside a contemporary style, consider utilizing a simple cut the basically finishes from the edges of the surround.

I’ve the ideal design in your mind! I know precisely how it ought to look as well as I’m all set!


The complexity of the fireplace style and set up will figure out how much help the typical do-it-yourselfer may take part in the task.

Plan, Strategy and Examine Your Programs Again!

Does the actual fireplace provide the features a person most would like?

Can your house accommodate any kind of required ventilation needs?

Have you got adequate space for that fireplace as well as the needed framework and hearth necessary for this design?

What fireplace and surround are you going to use?

Perhaps you have chosen the mantel which meets clearance needs?

We suggest that you pull your fire place project in writing and strategy all dimensions cautiously. A great next thing is by using newspaper and produce a template in your floor as well as wall to be able to visually see the quantity of space that’ll be allotted for your new fire place installation, how near furniture is to the brand new fireplace, and so on.

Buy your own fireplace in order to find your companies

Now that you have chosen your own fireplace, your own surround, fireplace and mantel, what is next?

Invest in a store or provider that meets your own needs. You may also find that the single store might help with all you need: the fire place, venting, mantel as well as surround as well as the installers to find the whole work done for you personally. Or you may want to buy through several sources to obtain all the actual materials required for the task. Buy in the store(utes) that provide the tech support team and item selection that you simply most wish.

Framing as well as sheetrock will likely be needed. Is this employment that you can do yourself, or is really a carpenter or even handyman needed? Make certain framing allows not just the correct opening for that fireplace however the hearth as well as mantel too.

If you are installing the gas fire place, make sure you’ve got a licensed tradesman to operate gas outlines. Arrange with regard to delivery from the LP vehicle’s gas tank or link of gasoline lines to your house if you are adding the gas fireplace to some home that does not already possess gas appliances being used. Gas service can sometimes include a wait around from a couple of days to many weeks, so strategy early!

Following the framing is performed, the fire place is set up. Check creating code needs and be sure you or the actual contractor make an application for the permit and also have the needed inspections done to assist assure the actual fireplace is actually installed properly and properly. Installation of the wood or even gas burning up fireplace, the ventilation system and also the gas outlines are work best left to some professional. A security inspection is conducted after the actual fireplace is actually installed, looking at for correct clearances in order to framing, proper installing of the ventilation system as well as proper installing of gas outlines.

After the actual framing inspection is performed, you might install sheetrock, encompass and fireplace materials, and also the mantel. This the main project might be done through talented home owners, or might be left within the hands associated with tradesmen focusing on the supplies you’ve chosen for example tile contractors, carpenters, contractors or gifted handy-man businesses.

5 Things to Expect From a Fireplace Store

A fireplace store is a very specialized type of shop. It’s not like the grocery store or corner drugstore where shoppers stop by regularly. A first-time visitor looking for a new unit for the home, yard, or business needs to know what to expect.

Indoor Inserts

If a building already has a masonry fireplace (one made of brick, stone, tile or similar material), then a new, updated unit would come in the form of an insert mounted into an existing space. An insert can burn gas, wood, or pellets, and it connects to the chimney and the flue leading outside. Inserts come in many different styles, providing a great way to rejuvenate a room. They are more cost effective than doing a complete renovation or replacement.


A new fireplace design needs special accessories. These may include gas logs, enclosures, mantels, and trims. It’s important that these accessories match the design of the fire feature, both functionally and aesthetically. Measuring, verifying, and double-checking everything beforehand will make the process go smoothly. It’s also vital that local building codes and ordinances are followed and that installation clearances adhere to safety considerations.

Home Decor Products

When updating the hearth, it may also be time to spruce up the surrounding area. Matching cabinetry and shelving often are available at a fireplace store. Some shops have personnel on hand to customize these furnishings. A theme can be carried throughout a living space by matching wood types or tile and maintaining the same architecture throughout.

A fireplace shop may also carry specialty screens, grates, hearth pads, bellows, firewood buckets, wood racks and other items that serve a purpose while adding stylish decorator touches to the surrounding space.

Outdoor Fire Features

Just as with indoor hearths, there are many options when it comes to models for outdoor areas. Many stores will carry an extensive selection of outdoor units that come in various sizes and styles, as well as grills, fire pits, heaters, and associated cabinetry.

With outdoor fire features, it’s particularly important to keep the area clear of anything that might burn, such as dry shrubs or overhanging tree branches. Care must be taken to avoid lighting a fire in poor conditions. Days that are windy, hot, or dry are not suitable for using your outdoor fireplace.

An Expert Team Ready to Help

It’s clear that a fireplace store needs to carry a broad selection of units, accessories, complementary products, and both indoor and outdoor models. But a store wouldn’t be complete without a team of specialists who can help a buyer navigate all the options and regulations related to purchasing and owning a fireplace.

Experienced, trained specialists must know the technical side of installing inserts, mantels, and trims. They need to have an eye for design to be able to give advice about which elements go well together. Just as importantly, they must be good listeners, willing to listen to each customer’s needs and questions. An expert team that’s ready to help will make sure customers end up with the solution they want.

Why should you Invest in Fireplace Glass Doors?

If there is a fireplace installed in a living space, it is surely the focal point of the entire room. Decorating the fireplace well, not only increases the charm of the fireplace itself, but also pulls together the entire room, with interesting and beautiful design elements. One such great addition to home décor, for homes with fireplace, is a fireplace glass door. They are not just design elements that are added for the look of the place, but are highly functional as well.

Fireplace doors are essential for every house with a fireplace because of the protection they offer when the fireplace is on. Usually, the sparks from fireplace fly out in every direction, and cause damage to the property around. If the rooms are carpeted, it can lead to dangerous situation of the place catching a fire. Even if there are no unnecessary burn outs or accidents, the area around fireplace can look extremely messy when the suit and ash from the fireplace fly out. It can really be dangerous to have an open fireplace and keep it running during winter, if there are little children in the house or even pets. Having fireplace glass doors is the only answer to all of the above mentioned concerns.

Covering fireplaces not only protect the area from getting messy, but also rule out sparks or embers from flying out onto the living space. It also protects kids and pets from getting hurt by the fireplace, and makes it easy to keep the fireplace beautiful. Another important reason to install a glass door is because it is highly energy efficient. It keeps the room from overheating whenever the fireplace is in use. If the room is heated enough, glass doors can control the temperature inside, when they are slid back into place. Installing glass doors means the fireplace can be in use even if the room is heated enough, which keeps the ambience beautiful. It makes a perfect ambience in the living space with fireplace running, regardless of the season.

Choosing the right fireplace glass door is important to put it into complete use. The ones that can completely be opened are the best to install because cleaning the fireplace and loading it becomes easier. The ones that have windowed partitioning with screws in place are the easiest to handle because the chances of breaking them while cleaning are very less. Fireplace doors come in variety of finishes to make them great additions to the focal points. While picking a door, keeping the décor of the living space in question is important. Since they come in many attractive designs, choosing the right one can be a bit challenging. Color of the fireplace and the style of the fireplace can decide which glass door looks the best. Buying a good quality glass door ensures a lot more savings in terms of maintaining the fireplace. Energy efficiency and flexibility of the glass door depends upon the price and the quality of the product.

What you need to Know About Cast Iron Fireplaces

Fireplaces have a long history in and outside of our homes. They are used to cook from camp grounds to the modern kitchen, and to add a rustic or comforting warmth and appeal to a home. Often fireplaces are highly sought after by home buyers and can contribute value to your home. They are also a great source of emergency heat! If you are in the market for a fireplace for any of the above reasons you have a lot to choose from. Cast iron fireplaces are an attractive and unique choice, whether used as in indoor or outdoor fireplace. There are many manufacturers and companies who specialize in iron fireplaces for the outdoors.

The first thing you need to know is that cast iron fireplaces come in indoor and outdoor versions. Prices vary greatly depending on what you are looking for. Choosing an outdoor fireplace is less complicated because they vent outside. Most of the outdoor styles use wood or charcoal as fuel and are great for entertaining because you can cook on them. The most popular style of outdoor cast iron fireplaces is called a chimnea. This is in essence an outdoor stove of sorts. Be careful when setting this one up because it is very heavy. Be sure of where you want it to sit before you begin. These outdoor fireplaces are great when you have company around for an evening, and you want to get out of the house for a little while.

Choosing an indoor style is more complicated because they do vent inside. You need to decide if you want gas or wood burning while keeping ventilation in mind. Another consideration is the size and placement in your home. If you haven’t used your chimney in a while you may want to consider having it serviced or cleaned to make sure it is working properly. Consult an expert on this for the safety of your family.

If you do not have a chimney or another way to vent the fireplace do not panic! Ventless fireplaces are very attractive and very energy-efficient way to add that ambiance you are looking for. Ventless cast iron fireplaces are gas-powered and can be bought to fit almost any area or room in your home.

In addition to purchasing your fireplace there are several tools that you should consider.
• Screens – an extremely attractive touch, they also keep the sparks at bay.
• Broom, shovel, poker and stand – used in the upkeep and cleaning of most fireplaces.
• Chimney cap – protects your fireplace from outside hazards and things that can be a safety risk.
• Ash container – used to collect ash until enough is accumulated and removed for easy cleaning.
• Candelabra – Get one specifically designed for a fireplace and enjoy the same warm ambiance and flickering light without having to go through starting a fire.

Did you know that many people are using fire as a replacement for radiators in some rooms. Though this might not be advisable in most cases, it is acceptable in some. The best thing to do is to speak with a fireplace safety expert who will be able to advise you on the best options for your home.

Fireplace Design – Where Do i Start?

Picture how your fireplace will be used. You’ve probably already got a location in mind, but the practicality of the location may be affected by venting needs, installation clearance requirements and fuel choices.


First, why are you installing a fireplace? Is is for recreational use and entertaining? Is it serving as a backup emergency heating system? Supplemental heat for a chilly room? Is it simply a decorative element to enhance your decor? Fireplaces are available in a wide range of designs fireplaces being used as supplemental or backup heat sources will get the most use and a higher quality (more expensive) model will be a better choice that generally offers greater efficiency.

Who will be using the new fireplace? What is your lifestyle? Elderly people and those with health problems may not be able to handle the vigors of toting firewood. But if you have the time to enjoy the rituals of cutting, splitting and stacking wood and the idea of free heat from fallen trees on your property, an investment in a wood burning fireplace may suit your needs perfectly. Otherwise, expand your possibilities to gas or electric fireplaces.

Fireplace design experts and chimney sweeps agree that low-end, builder-grade fireplaces should only be used for occasional, recreational fires such as family gatherings at holidays. If you expect to use your fireplace once a week or more during the winter, opt for a higher end model that will last for many years because replacement is an expensive, time-consuming project. Now let’s begin with the next stage of planning.



Do you picture burning natural firewood? Wood burning fireplaces will put the most restraints on your design. The chimney system must run vertically in a relatively straight configuration and clear the roof line according to local codes, which are a minimum of 3′ in most areas – but can be excessively more depending upon your roof pitch and home design. You’ll want the fireplace installed in an area that’s accessible to a doorway to the outside to bring in your firewood and take out ashes. A wood burning fireplace will also have the greatest requirements for a fireproof hearth that protrudes into the room and for side and top clearances. And unless you opt for a high-end, energy efficient fireplace fireplace design that offers tightly sealing doors for long burn times and upgraded designs to provide high heat output, burning wood may actually remove more heat from your room than it adds.

Opening front, decorative wood burning fireplaces are banned as new appliance choices in some areas that are prone to air quality problems. Decorative fireplaces consume a lot of fuel, can produce excessive amounts of smoke into your neighborhood, and offer little to no heat output. So carefully consider the quality and features of the models available during your planning stages. Higher end models may give you many more years of service plus convenience features that give you longer burn times, more heat from every piece of wood and cleaner burning that results in less smoke and a cleaner chimney.

Make sure you have a good source of firewood available and space to stack your wood pile. The type of wood you burn – and how you store and care for your firewood – will greatly affect your wood burning experience.

For all but the most talented do-it-yourselfers, a woodburning fireplace is a job that is best done by a licensed and experienced professional.


Gas fireplaces offer a convenient, realistic flame at the touch of a button. Remote controls are available for most models. Many can also use thermostat controls that adjust the flame or turn the fire on and off based on the room temperature. Venting options may allow installation in nearly any room, on any floor of your home.

Gas fireplaces come in a variety of styles, sizes and designs and offer multiple venting options. Decorative models won’t give you much heat, while higher end models can heat an open floor plan nearly as effectively as a furnace. Direct vent models may vent horizontally or give you enough options with offsets for the vent to terminate remotely from the fireplace. Every model from every manufacturer is different, so check installation requirements carefully to make sure your design can be implemented for safe and efficient use.

Gas fireplaces are designed to burn either Natural gas (piped into your home by the city gas company) or LP (Liquid Propane) which is stored in a tank in your yard.

Installation of a gas fireplace will require a plumber or HVAC technician (check local codes) to run gas lines to the fireplace and to install the fireplace and venting system, so this is a project that will require professional installation.

Electric Fireplaces

Once not even a consideration for fireplaces, electric fires are now all the rage. They operate at 100% efficiency and require no venting so they can be installed any where. They may also be the only option for renters or for high-rise condos and office buildings. Designs range from small to large, traditional to contemporary. Most include a heater than can provide plenty of warmth for smaller areas. There are no special installation requirements – just plug into an existing 3-prong outlet – so this is a relatively simple installation that most homeowners can accomplish on their own.

Now that we know what type of fuel is right, let’s plan where it will be installed.


As we learned in part two, the fuel you’ll be burning in your fireplace may dictate where the fireplace can be installed based on the venting requirements of the model chosen. A woodburning fireplace in an upstairs bedroom is not practical because you’ll be toting wood up and carrying ashes down.

Sometimes a compromise will be required to meet venting and clearance requirements of the fireplace style you choose. Your ideal location between two windows may not work, but the more spacious area on the opposite wall would be perfect. Or perhaps the woodburning fireplace you prefer between the windows can’t fit, but a gas burning model will. So determine how important the location of the fireplace is to the design you have in mind and remain flexible during this stage of planning.


Depending upon the era, fireplaces have been designed through the ages with a variety of styles. A corner fireplace may provide the perfect balance for other elements in the room. Flat or low-profile hearths are more practical in smaller rooms where you’ll be less like to stub your toe walking by. Flat hearths were popular from the early 1800’s to the 1940’s. Raised hearths may bring the fireplace up to offer a better view from a bed or sofa. A hearth raised 16″ to 18″ offers additional seating in the room. Think of the design elements in your room, how the furniture will be arranged, and the type of fireplace you’re installing. Raised hearths allow less bending when loading or tending to a wood fire. If you’re trying to replicate the look of a particular era then research the style of fireplaces, surround and hearth materials plus mantel styles that were popular at that time.

I’ve chosen my fuel and the room it’s going to be installed into, now how should it look?


A fireplace is usually a generic box that holds a fire. Decorative accents provided by the manufacturer (such as trim styles and door or window finishes) will be your next decision. The greatest element of your design style will be the hearth, surround, trim and mantel choices.

The hearth is the extension into the room that provides protection to your flooring while the surround provides protection for the walls surrounding your fireplace. Requirements will vary greatly for the surround and hearth based on the type of fuel your fireplace burns and the individual requirements for the model chosen. Woodburning fireplaces will most often require a hearth 18″ or more in front of the fireplace, and extending to each side to offer maximum protection for sparks and tumbling embers. Gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces may require little to no hearth or surround, although incorporating these elements into your design may offer a more authentic look and appeal for your room.

Hearths and surrounds can incorporate a wide variety of materials just be sure and choose the right material, in the correct thickness for heat transfer protection, and make sure it’s installed correctly. Make sure there is adequate weight support beneath the fireplace and hearth area to support the fireplace, venting system and hearth/surround materials. A fireproof underlayment may be needed in some installations. Here are some materials you may consider for hearths and surrounds:

Brick or brick veneers

Stone, stone veneers or cultured stone

Ceramic tile

Slate, marble, granite & solid surface materials

Metallic surfaces such as stainless steel or copper

Cement slabs

Mantels and Trim

Your mantel and trim choice may have the greatest impact on the aesthetic design of your fireplace. A grand mantel can take a standard fireplace from ordinary to exquisite! Many home owners choose to allot more of their budget for the fireplace installation into the mantel than any other part of the project, so consider how the mantel will affect your overall look and costs. The mantel is installed to from the surround and provide a finished look. Detailed mantels are most often used in homes with a traditional design. The mantel includes decorative vertical trim that sits on the fireplace hearth and most often includes a mantel shelf.

Make sure the mantel is installed to allow sufficient clearances to amply meet the fireplace manufacturer’s instructions. Deep shelves, for example, can present challenges with wood burning fireplaces as the overhang can cause fire hazards due to the excessive rising heat.

Mantels are available in a huge variety of materials, styles and designs:



Cast Iron


Cultured Stone



Looking for a very contemporary design? Contemporary designs use simple lines to create a harmonious feel, or exciting textures and patterns that might not be enhanced by use of a mantel or shelf. In a contemporary design, consider using a simple trim the merely finishes off the edges of your surround.

I have the perfect design in mind! I know just how it should look and I’m ready to go!


The complexity of your fireplace design and installation will determine how much help the average do-it-yourselfer may participate in the project.

Plan, Plan and Check Your Plans Again!

Does the fireplace offer the features you most want?

Can your home accommodate any required venting needs?

Do you have adequate space for the fireplace plus the needed framing and hearth required for this model?

What hearth and surround will you use?

Have you chosen a mantel that meets clearance requirements?

We recommend that you draw your fireplace project on paper and plan all dimensions very carefully. A great next step is to use newspaper and create a template on your floor and wall so that you can visually see the amount of space that will be allotted to your new fireplace installation, how close furniture will be to the new fireplace, etc.

Buy your fireplace and find your contractors

Now that you’ve chosen your fireplace, your surround, hearth and mantel, what’s next?

Purchase from a retailer or supplier that meets your individual needs. You may even find that a single store can help with everything you need: the fireplace, venting, mantel and surround plus the installers to get the whole job done for you. Or you may need to buy from several sources to get all the materials needed for the project. Buy from the store(s) that offer the technical support and product selection that you most desire.

Framing and sheetrock will probably be needed. Is this a job you can do yourself, or is a carpenter or handyman required? Make sure framing allows not only the proper opening for the fireplace but the hearth and mantel as well.

If you’re installing a gas fireplace, make sure you have a licensed tradesman to run gas lines. Arrange for delivery of the LP gas tank or connection of gas lines to your home if you’re adding a gas fireplace to a home that doesn’t already have gas appliances in use. Gas service may include a wait from a few days to several weeks, so plan early!

After the framing is done, the fireplace is installed. Check building code requirements and make sure you or the contractor apply for the permit and have the required inspections done to help assure the fireplace is installed safely and correctly. Installation of a wood or gas burning fireplace, the venting system and the gas lines are jobs best left to a professional. A safety inspection is performed after the fireplace is installed, checking for proper clearances to framing, proper installation of the venting system and proper installation of gas lines.

After the framing inspection is done, you may install sheetrock, surround and hearth materials, and the mantel. This part of the project may be done by talented homeowners, or may be left in the hands of tradesmen specializing in the materials you’ve chosen such as tile installers, carpenters, general contractors or talented handy-man companies.

After your fireplace installation is complete, a final inspection by the building inspector is required for gas or wood burning fireplaces. This helps assure that another tradesman has not covered combustible areas of the fireplace with surround materials (such as covering vents on the fireplace with tile) and that the hearth and mantel are installed with proper clearances. Final gas inspections are also done at this time, perhaps by a different inspector.

After final inspections are done, follow your manufacturer’s instructions for break-in use. This usually involves small, low fires that help cure paint and refractory materials used on gas and wood burning fireplaces. Review use and safety instructions with everyone in the home who will be operating the new fireplace.

Now uncork the wine, call your friends and family, light a fire and enjoy! Your new fireplace will add a special warmth to a chilly evening. You’ve made a great investment in your home’s value and to your quality of life.