An Electric Fireplace – Why Is It the Best Choice?

Summary – If you have decided to go for a modern fireplace for your home that would be efficient and designer and also saves money, electric fireplace is certainly one of the best choices. Let’s tell you why.

If you desire to change the chilly and freezing environment of your home in winter or cooler locations then a fireplace would be the ultimate choice. It does not matter whether you have a fireplace built in your home or not because modern technology has made it possible to get built-in and insert fireplaces with ease and convenience. So what should be your choice?

Spacing Options

Modern technology has made it possible to have fireplaces even in space constrained homes. In the past you needed large fireplaces to accommodate wood logs and burning fire. But these days the fireplaces can be ready built. You can have gas or electrical fireplaces. However, if electricity is available round the clock, electric fireplace is the recommended choice.

You can choose the plug-in insert of the 4 sided box that can be installed anywhere according to your convenience or can go for the log insert one that can be set up in any existing wood or gas fireplace. In short, the space requirement is small and it is very convenient using these fireplaces running on electricity in space constrained modern homes.


All these fireplaces are pre-wired and they only require standard electrical outlets. Just put the fireplace in existing firebox and plug in. Excellent feature of the electrical fireplaces are that they ensure zone heating. On average one unit can provide up to 5000 BTUs every hour. For consistent distribution of heat the fireplace uses an in-built fan. The fireplaces are energy efficient and can save you good deal of money in terms of utility bills. They do not require frequent cleaning and maintenance like the traditional fireplaces.


Electrical fireplaces and especially the log insert ones can give a vibrant look to the fireplace and the room where it is installed within minutes. They present life like appearance and can add substantially to the value of your home. However the box type fireplaces are not much inferior in appearance either. They are excellently designed and can win the appreciation of viewers sighting them with their designer makes. These fireplaces can produce the ambiences of flame as well as the physical warming effects generated by the gas or log fireplaces visually and physically.


Pricing of the fireplaces running on electricity varies depending on your preference but the good news is that there are models befitting all types of reasonable budgets. The operating cost is around 8-12 cents per hour with the heat on and only around 3 cents per hour without the heat turned on.

To get the best out of shopping for the electrical fireplaces you need a provider that would offer you the best with warranty and technical support at the most competitive prices.


Professionalism is the solution to tile installation problems

Tile installation is not an easy job at all. It requires a great level of professionalism and acute knowledge of the process as well. Issues do crop up. However, overcoming the tile installation problems is of paramount importance. The problems could range from the simple ones to the complex. Each problem has a unique solution to it. Having knowledge of the problems and knowing the means to overcome the same is professionalism at its best.

The problems can vary. It could be a loose tile or a case of applying less adhesive than recommended. The problem could be with estimating the layout as well as cutting the perfect size of the tile. The spacing of the tiles could also be an issue. It is advisable to use some Rubi tools for each purpose. The Rubi tile cutter, for example, is an important tool to have. Tile spacers are important as well.

Another area of concern is the quality of substrate and the subflooring. Preparing the same is essential for the perfect installation of tiles. Let’s see the problems posed by the substandard subflooring and look at means to overcome the same.

The first step should be to check for any loose or chipped tiles. This would affect the quality of the installation. In case you find a loose or chipped tile, it is better to remove the same and install a fresh one before proceeding with the entire flooring.

Leveling the surface is necessary. The use of the grinder or the tile level system could prove handy under the circumstances.

Creating a rough surface is essential for the installation of the new tiles. This can ensure perfect bonding between the adhesive and the old surface. This explains why the tile setters chip off parts of the wall or the flooring before starting the installation process.

Clean the area of all the dust particles using a vacuum cleaner. The presence of dust particles can cause air pockets thereby affecting the installation process.

Ensure to use the proper kind of adhesive, and check the time manufacturers prescribe the right kind of adhesive required for the substrate. Using a mortar bed over the surface is also advisable for a better installation process.

The measurement of the room becomes vital. This is to ensure the usage of the maximum number of complete tiles. As far as possible, one should push the cut tiles to the corners of the room where they will be least visible. While cutting the tiles, use a high-quality Rubi tile cutter. This ensures a perfect cut without ant sharp ends that could cause injuries later on.

One should always try to remove the existing tiles before installing the new ones. If circumstances demand the presence of the old tiles, you should ensure roughing them up properly to enable the adhesive to bond perfectly.

These issues may appear minor in nature. However, one should take these precautions before the installation. It can save a huge amount of time, effort, and money as well.